Property Development Research Tools

Property Development Research Tools

When it comes to useful research tools for property development we’re really spoiled for choice.

And I should know. I started out in an era a decade before the internet and I can remember spending most of the day in the city running from one government department to another gathering searches on a property.

I have highlighted below some useful tools that are available. These tools have a subscription fee for more detailed information but often have a free component that can be useful.

Some states like Victoria have strict privacy laws so the level of data can be less than in more liberal states.

RP Data

RP Data (or Core Logic) has many packages and bundles.

RP Data Professional is a common tool used by agents and developers. It supplies data on specific properties such as owner’s name, address, sales history of owners and purchase prices, zoning, size, tenants and contact details, sales history, agent’s details etc.

Market Trends gives you insights into a property market’s performance down to a suburb level, broken down by houses and units. You can build a picture of market performance by monitoring a suburb and seeing how its data changes over time.

Blockbrief is a database of development sites and zoning data that alerts you to zoning changes and provides you with in-depth detail at a council or property level to give you first-mover advantage.


Pricefinder collects property data from multiple sources including; property ownership, phone numbers, property zoning, title information, over 30 years of sales history and real-time auction results. It is similar to RP Data.


Investar gathers properties from all sales portals into a single repository where you can use key words to find properties to suit your exact requirements. It also supplies suburb research data, suburb performance reports, monthly market reports, calculators, checklists, property analyser tool and two value estimation reports per month powered by Pricefinder.

Citec Confirm

Citec Confirm offers a variety of land and property information products for all Australian states and territories, including:

  • National land titles and a range of related information such as plans, dealings and instruments
  • Property certificates from local and state government authorities and utility providers in Queensland and Victoria
  • Land tax certificates from Queensland and New South Wales offices of state revenue (OSR)
  • Contaminated land searches
  • Valuation and sales information
  • National telco cable searches

In my next blog I will discuss free tools.

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