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Getting Started

I want to begin my property journey with confidence and success.

Finding Deals

There are great deals out there but you need to know how to find them.

Due Diligence

Thorough Due Diligence safe guards success in every property development endeavour.

Accessing Funds

Learn to secure the necessary funds to fuel your property development dreams.









Kind Words From Our Students
Tony Major
Tony Major

"Found the course easy to follow"

I have been very happy with the Property Mastermind development course….found the course easy to follow. It is set out in a logical order and the terminology is easy to understand. I really liked having the support manual as it allowed me to visualise what you were saying. I also found the real life examples good as they put things into perspective.

Peter O’Meara
Peter O’Meara

"It was very up to date and concise."

I found the course to be of great benefit to me…. taught me many aspects of developing that I had not considered. It was very up to date and concise.

David Kelly
David Kelly

"The value is staggering."

The course is extremely detailed covering all aspects of the development process from real projects Bob has undertaken. The value is staggering.


Bob Andersen

Property Mastermind

If being a successful property developer was a result of being born with the right genes – I would be a top shelf panel beater and spray painter. That’s what my dad was, and he never did a deal or had an entrepreneurial bone in his body.

I had some success in business when I was young, but I was working so hard I crashed my car into a bridge from sheer exhaustion.

That was when I decided to get out of the “time for money” trap, and over the past 39 years I’ve been involved in over $1.3 billion in developments.

This extensive experience has allowed me to be in the fortunate position where I can teach something which changes aspiring property developers lives for the better.

And nobody in Australia who’s teaching property development has more experience. In fact, just about every educator started out as a student of mine.

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Hilary Saxton

Property Mastermind

Introducing Hilary Saxton, a formidable force in the realm of property and business coaching. With her exceptional expertise, unwavering determination, and empowering approach, Hilary has established herself as a powerful and inspiring female coach. Her deep knowledge of the property market, astute property development strategies, and business acumen have propelled her to remarkable success.

Hilary’s coaching style is marked by a unique blend of wisdom, practicality, and inspiration. Through her transformative guidance, she empowers individuals to overcome challenges, unlock their potential, and achieve remarkable results. With a compassionate and supportive demeanor, Hilary champions her clients, encouraging them to break barriers and excel in the competitive industry. As a trailblazer and mentor, Hilary’s impact extends beyond coaching, creating a lasting legacy of empowered and successful property and business leaders.

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Our 9 Step
Property Matrix

13 Words That
Changed My Life

All those years ago, my mentor Tony said 13 words to me and within 12 months I’d made the equivalent of 3 times today’s annual full time income on my first deal. What’s more, I didn’t use my own money and it took just 50 hours of my time.

PMM Angles

The Property Mastermind Podcast With Hilary Saxton and Bob Andersen

This isn’t just another podcast about real estate. It’s specifically focused on property development and hosted by Hilary and Bob, who have decades of experience in the industry. Get ready to hear real life case studies, and discover all the shortcuts, including how to find deals, how to assess the risk of deals, how to access funds, and what to do if you’re just starting out.


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