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Below are some of the questions to ask any potential mentor, followed by Bob’s answers:

Question: How many years have you been a continuous developer?

Bob’s answer: 39 years.

How many property cycles have you developed through?

6. This includes back in the early 1980’s when interest rates were very high (over 20% p.a.for development finance)

What dollar value of projects have you done during this time?


What is the dollar value of projects you are doing currently?


What states have you developed in or worked on projects with other developers?

Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas, ACT, SA

How many students have done your paid courses?

Over 3,000

What corporate roles have you had?

State or national management roles with 3 of top 5 development companies in Australia

What books have you written / been featured in?

Real Estate Development – A Practical Guide for Beginners to Experts, Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed, The New Way to Make Money in Property

What media have you featured in?

Australian Property Investor Magazine, Your Investment Property, Success Magazine, Money Magazine, Foxtel – Trading Day, Sky News Business, Sky News Real Estate, ABC Radio, 4BC – Kevin Turner

Does your program have a credentialed mindset coach? 

Yes, Hilary Saxton who has studied psychology and human behaviour including at the NeuroLeadership Institute under Dr. David Rock.

A few other things to be aware of:

  • If they say “X years in property or X years in investment and property development” – ask them to separate property development – they probably bought their first house at age 20. Then put a dollar value and geographic spread on those projects.
  • Never buy a property development course off a non-developer. It’s like learning tennis from a basketball coach.
  • Make sure they currently develop as well as teach – otherwise they’ll be out of touch with the market and current conditions.
  • When they talk about coaching / mentoring, separate what is group coaching and 1 on 1 and who is delivering it.

Make no mistake, with the right mentor, nothing can stop you from thriving as a property developer – and achieving financial security, having more time to enjoy life, and leaving a legacy.

Not even money.

That’s right. Back in the early 1980’s, my mentor Tony, said 13 words to me that changed my life and within 12 months I’d made the equivalent of 3 times today’s annual full time wage on my first deal.

What’s more, I didn’t use my own money and it took just 50 hours of my time.

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Kind Words From Our Students
Michael Carbone
Michael Carbone


WOW! Your work has been extremely impressive.

David Kelly
David Kelly

"The value is staggering."

The course is extremely detailed covering all aspects of the development process from real projects Bob has undertaken. The value is staggering.

Matthew Leeworthy
Matthew Leeworthy

"Through Bob’s teaching I have gained so much knowledge and I feel so much more confident in myself."

Bob’s course gave me the confidence in myself to ask investors for money. In the past I have only done projects myself with my own money and banks but now I have built my own investment base. Through Bob’s teaching I have gained so much knowledge and I feel so much more confident in myself.

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