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The Property Accelerator

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  • Getting Started In Property Development
  • Introduction To Small Subdivisions
  • Renovations 101
  • Performance & Mindset Coaching
  • Fortnightly LIVE Q&A

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”Absolutely loved this membership, what a game changer!” - K. Hobbs

The Property Accelerator

Listen up, Future Property Mogul!

Imagine holding the MASTER KEYS to a treasure chest filled with Property Development gold.

We are handing you those keys RIGHT NOW with The Property Accelerator.

This isn’t your everyday program.

We’re talking about an EXPLOSIVE ACCELERATOR that’ll launch you into property development greatness.

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Connect with us LIVE every fortnight to ask any questions you may have!


Getting Started In Property Development

Accelerator your Property Development journey!

Small Subdivisions

Discover the secrets to profitable small subdivisions.

Renovations 101

Empowering you to create dream spaces.

Mindset & Performance Coaching

For staying focused & gaining momentum.


Get Everything you NEED


Bob Andersen & Hilary Saxton are virtually taking you by the hand, and trust us, they’re the REAL DEAL.

Bob’s a Property Development heavyweight with 40 YEARS in the game and Hilary’s the Coaching headliner with 20 YEARS of crafting winners.

They’re spilling secrets SO HOT; they should be illegal!

Why on Earth Wouldn’t You Jump on This?

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Brain-Exploding Expertise: Bob and Hilary are giving away insider strategies so powerful, your property peers will think you’re cheating. They’re walking you through a battlefield they’ve conquered!

A 360° Knowledge Onslaught: You’re not just learning; you’re getting armed to the teeth. Four incredible courses covering EVERYTHING – from sniffing out deals to creating the lifestyle you desire.

Live Q&A – You’ve Got Bob & Hilary On Speed Dial: Ask them ANYTHING in the fortnightly LIVE Q&A. Stuck? Confused? Bob and Hilary are right there, ready to toss you a lifebuoy!

Join the Property Developers movement: This is more than a course – it’s a collective. Network with trailblazers, cultivate ideas, and forge alliances. Build your empire collectively within our elite community!

Bragging Rights with A Certificate: Show off your Property Accelerator Certificate. Let them know you’re a force to be reckoned with!

The Property Accelerator isn’t for everybody; it’s for the HUNGRY!



Invest a BUCK now, and watch it MULTIPLY.

Discover the exciting and highly profitable world of property development through this comprehensive 12-month program.

From understanding how to set yourself up with the correct structure to finding the right site that produces a bumper profit, each month leads you closer to financial success.

With modules releasing monthly, you will learn the fundamentals of:

  • Due diligence – how to avoid the pitfalls that get people into trouble.
  • Financial feasibility – Get the numbers correct so you choose the right projects.
  • Finance options – Learn about the different ways of financing our projects.
  • Approvals – Know what your council will and will not allow you to do.
  • Construction – How to find the right builder and have a good experience.
  • Marketing –How to choose the right agent for buying and selling.
  • Settling the site – Know your responsibilities at the end of your development.

We will also be unpacking:

  • Creative finance
  • Joint ventures
  • Call options
  • Vendor finance, and
  • Stock back deals.

In the final module, learn the most popular strategy for no-money-down deals:

  • A joint venture with an equity partner.

Elevate your property development skills and unleash your potential in this transformative program.

Discover the Profit Potential: Master Small Subdivisions in Just 6 Months!

Our easy-to-implement 6-month course covers everything you need to know about small subdivisions.

With modules releasing monthly, you will learn:

  • Project strategies
  • Due diligence
  • Finance
  • Approvals
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Titling, and settlements, we’ve got you covered.

This course has the tools to empower you to make informed choices and avoid pitfalls. With Bob’s unparalleled expertise, you will be totally set for success!

Unlock the secrets to a successful renovation journey with our comprehensive course.

Designed to guide you through major steps without overwhelming you, this course is divided into six easy to grasp modules, each released monthly. 

Learn why renovations are valuable and choose the best strategy for your circumstances. Differentiate between cosmetic and structural renovations, understand taxation, and explore joint ventures.

Learn to form the right structure, become a local expert, and master property inspection and accurate financial analysis. Acquire financing, establish budgets, and manage your renovation effectively. Obtain approvals, assemble your team, and make informed decisions about holding or selling.

Gain invaluable tips, avoid common mistakes, and access useful tools for a seamless renovation experience.

This life-changing journey will empower you to unlock your true potential and achieve exceptional success in every aspect of your life.

With 20+ years of coaching experience, Hilary specialises in enhancing performance and mindset, guiding you to boost self-confidence, foster self-belief and take decisive action.

This 6 month unparalleled course (modules released monthly) offers an unmatched opportunity to acquire a winning mindset through comprehensive modules that delve into success traits, intentional goal setting, mastery of mindset, expanding your comfort zone, and more.

Engage in revolutionary activities and reflective exercises that bring about tangible transformation.

Brace yourself for an adventure that shapes a purpose-driven, prosperous, and significantly fulfilling future.

Introducing our Live Q&A Sessions: Your Direct Line to Expert Guidance!

For our burning questions look no further!
Our Live Q&A Sessions offer you an exclusive opportunity to connect directly with Bob, the industry’s most experienced expert.

You also have the opportunity to embrace the guidance of Hilary, the Mindset Maven to unlock your full potential and achieve greatness in your property journey.

Real People. Real Results.

Check out what our community has to say!

G. Sherdon


I would like to thank Bob and Hilary for the opportunity to participate in The Property Accelerator. I enjoyed the learning experience both online and in person. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course and have done so on many occasions.

K. Povey

5 Stars All The Way!!

Bob and Hilary are the absolute real deal in the education of property development. With so much knowledge and also doing their own projects their dedication to share to others is just 5 star and I can highly recommend this power team in property development education!
S. Min

Bob's course is awesome!

Bob’s course is awesome, covers all aspects of property development from start to finish in easy steps to follow and comprehend. By far the best on the market when it comes to property development. Bob has the vast depth experience in property development.

A. Park

Bob's course is truly amazing

Bob’s course is truly amazing. Knowledge rich individual and course that gives you the process of property development in clear, concise and detailed way in which everyone can learn.

G. Martine

Thanks Bob. I'm about $3.5 million profit up..

Thanks Bob. I’m about $3.5 million profit up on where I was before your course…and way more after capital gains.

S. Campbell

I am so grateful for Bob’s education.

We have successfully applied Bob’s 35+ years of experience with spectacular results. In the space of 18 months the portfolio has increased to 22 properties. I am so grateful for Bob’s education, guidance and support.

If you are...
  • A first-time property developer seeking guidance.
  • An experienced investor looking to scale up.
  • An entrepreneur looking for diversification through property.
  • Someone who dreams of a financially secure future.

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