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Bob Andersen

Managing Director

  • Bob Andersen (known in the property industry as “The Deal Maker”) is a Property enigma.
  • When it comes to creating financial freedom for our community, Bob’s “thinking” is refreshingly simple. He has the ability to make the seemingly complicated, uncomplicated.
  • Bob has changed the lives of so many people by training them to use property development as a vehicle to build substantial cashflow and long term wealth. This in turn, has given them control over their lives and a lifestyle they could previously only dream about.
  • It has been said that Bob has created more property millionaires in Australia than any other educator / mentor out there through his highly acclaimed property development courses.
  • Thank goodness for Bob! Because there are way too many so-called Property education experts out there. Several, even past students, have ‘borrowed’ Bob’s material in an attempt to ‘be Bob’. As Bob says, “I must have done something right, but you can’t ‘borrow’ over 4 decades of experience and over $1.3 billion worth of projects spread across all states of Australia and in all stages of the property cycle”.

Throughout his career, Bob has been involved in over $1.3 billion worth of property development projects that include commercial buildings, apartments, high-rise buildings, retirement complexes, land sub-divisions, townhouses, and student accommodation.

Bob Andersen is the author of the book “Residential Real Estate Development: A Practical Guide for Beginners to Experts” and appears in other books Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed and The New Way to Make Money in Property – Fast. He has also been a regular contributor to different publications such as Your Property Investment Magazine, the Australian Property Investor Magazine, Money Magazine, and Success Magazine. He has also appeared on media interviews to talk about his experience as a property developer on Sky News, Fox News, 4BC Radio and ABC Radio.

Hilary Saxton

Mindset and Performance Coach

  • If property development is on your radar, then having the right team to support your
    success in getting there is the magic ingredient you must have. Bob has the Know How Too
    covered, I know that knowledge is useless without application, and that’s where I become
    your empowerer.
  • As a dedicated Life, Business, and Property Coach, I bring a wealth of experience to the
    table. With the perfect blend of skills and expertise, I am here to empower you to overcome
    obstacles, seize opportunities, and, most importantly, believe in your potential for success
    in Property Development.
  • I understand that knowledge alone isn’t enough. That’s why I am committed to holding you
    accountable and guiding you every step of the way. I will be your trusted partner, leading
    you through your journey with unwavering encouragement and valuable guidance.
    With a remarkable track record in both renovations and property development, I possess an
    in-depth understanding of the challenges you will face and the support you will need.
    Together, we will navigate your property development journey, utilising my first-hand
    experience. I am dedicated to ensuring your success, and go above and beyond to provide
    the support and guidance you need to thrive in the dynamic world of property

Hilary changes lives by showing people how to believe in themselves and with that change giving them the courage to take small and effective steps to their chosen goal. Hilary’s ability to connect, teach and empower, combined with Bob’s years of property development experience and superior education programs enhances the success of the students they work with. Property Mastermind is driven by a Power Couple who have your best interests and success at heart.

Kind Words From Our Students
Danny Mourani, NSW
Danny Mourani, NSW

"I loved the course."

I loved the course. It had all the info and more to put myself into a position to look at developing property full time.

Tony Major
Tony Major

"Found the course easy to follow"

I have been very happy with the Property Mastermind development course….found the course easy to follow. It is set out in a logical order and the terminology is easy to understand. I really liked having the support manual as it allowed me to visualise what you were saying. I also found the real life examples good as they put things into perspective.

Robyn Wawn
Robyn Wawn

"From Bob’s training, I learned there is more than one way to skin the property development cat."

From Bob’s training, I learned there is more than one way to skin the property development cat. I purchased my property with no money and leveraged off creative ways to finance its development and to take it in stages to reach its full potential. I am also team-building with the right professionals to delegate to who provide value for money to get the project underway and stay on track.

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