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Group Coaching and Support:

Live Q & A support and Facebook Group coaching where you can network with hundreds of other students and alumni.

Online Course 27 Training Videos:

Lifetime access to a proven and tested step-by-step system covering the A-Z of property development over 11 modules plus Mp3 audio downloads.

Creative Strategies Course:

A 6-video course on how to structure and finance deals using little or no money of your own from the man who has done $300,000,000 in JV’s.

Checklists, Flowcharts & Templates:

Lifetime access to a suite of checklists, 11 flowcharts, 31 example documents, 6 sample legal documents and templates to help reinforce the lessons and ensure you don’t miss a step.

Feasibility Calculator:

A proprietary built, easy to learn feasibility calculator consisting of comprehensive input pages, 1 page summary, monthly cash flow, gantt chart, sensitivity analysis and graphs. Know immediately if a deal stacks up, never pay too much for a site, impress valuers and financiers with professional reports.

23 Real Deal Case Studies:

You will learn so much when you put your learning into practice and do your first project. The second-best way is to pull apart someone else’s. See the acquisition, due diligence, numbers, design, building and marketing on a range of subdivisions, townhouse, and apartment projects.

2 x 3 Day Workshops

Covering the complete A-Z of property development including one live 3-day online and Australia’s only one live in person 3-day Workshop on the fabulous Gold Coast. Walk in an amateur, walk out a pro.

Video 3 Day Workshop

Relive all the training from a 3-day live in person Workshop in this 22-video set recorded at a live event.

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  • 8 ‘must have’ attributes to become a successful developer.
  • 16 steps to property development success.
  • From getting your structure set and finding your deal to banking your profit & everything in between. This is painting by numbers property development style.

  • The 2 types of finance & when to use each for maximum effect.
  • How to source and secure the best finance offer for your project including tips on dealing directly with lenders.
  • How lenders approach valuations and the secret to make sure you get the right one every time.
  • The 5 most popular strategies our students use to finance projects with little or no money of their own.
  • Proven strategies for finding investors to finance your project.
  • Case studies of real projects and how they came together with little or no financial investment.
  • Creative “call option” strategies not 1 in 100 investors truly understand.
  • How to secure JV’s with money partners.
  • How to source, negotiate with and communicate with potential investors to get them over the line.
  • A creative way to do a JV with a landowner

  • How to choose your patch (development location” quickly and how to test if it is the right one.
  • 5 little-known strategies to uncover hidden off-market gems.
  • The key performance indicators to quickly tell if a site is profitable.
  • How to maximise the potential of a site and limit any headaches with local authorities.
  • Little known design secrets to avoid unnecessary construction costs.
  • Best way to get a development permit approved – Creative “DA Uplift” strategies even experienced developers are oblivious to.
  • Best way to get a building permit approved.

  • 10 advanced due diligence steps to ensure you don’t buy a lemon.
  • Where to find the best free due diligence tools.
  • Two methods to purchase a site including must-have special conditions that give you the upper hand.
  • Every input you need to crunch the numbers accurately (including our financial feasibility calculator, to make it as easy as 1, 2, 3).
  • How to perform ‘reverse feasibilities’ to ensure you never pay too much for a site.
  • Bob’s revolutionary ‘5-minute feaso’.
  • A fast track method to run the numbers and see if a deal stacks up in under 5 minutes

  • How to find quality builders and run a professional tender to ensure you secure the right price.
  • The 4 most popular building contracts.
  • X special conditions to include in the contracts to protect yourself.
  • How to manage your builder to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget.
  • How to save a chunk of interest by completing specific “final tasks” months before the end of construction.
  • How construction contracts work.
  • Building tender and selection tips.
  • Expert interview with a builder and quantity surveyor.
  • What you must know about demolition and relocation

  • When you should and shouldn’t pre-sell your project (this can make thousands of dollars difference to your top line).
  • How to appoint the best sales team to get the highest price and fastest turnaround.
  • When it may be suitable to sell your own project (and the pitfalls to avoid).
  • The 5 steps you must take post construction to settle your sales fast.
  • How to ensure your titles are issued without delay so you can progress to settlements and bank your profit.
  • How to research buyer behaviour and brief your design team to ensure your project sells like hot cakes.
  • Creative vendor finance strategies you can use when selling

  • 23 real-life case studies of projects so you can see how everything fits together in a successful project

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Kind Words From Our Students
See Jeremy 
See Jeremy 

"Thanks Bob. You're the best in this business!"

Thanks Bob. You’re the best in this business! You have the track record. God certainty is please with you for helping those who has dreams! Your legacy will stay forever!

Peter O’Meara
Peter O’Meara

"It was very up to date and concise."

I found the course to be of great benefit to me…. taught me many aspects of developing that I had not considered. It was very up to date and concise.

Suresh Gudugntla
Suresh Gudugntla

"Course material is very structured and easy to understand."

Course material is very structured and easy to understand. Each topic is covered in depth backed up with case studies.

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