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Unlock The Power Of Joint Ventures and Understand The Creative Ways To Get Into Property Development.


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This Is Your Chance To Understand Creative Ways To Finance Your Property Development Project

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Property Mastermind presents the 2024 Joint Ventures Workshop, a two-day event designed to empower both seasoned investors and property developers in the world of property development. 

Whether you’re seeking opportunities to invest in property developments or aiming to secure investors for your own projects, this event is tailored to meet your needs.

Are you: 

Lacking Education? 

Many people feel overwhelmed and hesitant to enter the property development market due to their limited knowledge about the industry, making them feel stuck in their financial journey.

Struggling to Find The Bucks?

Many developments you drive past are joint ventures, whereby a group of individuals have come together with one goal in mind: to pool their money together and use it to make more money.

In 2 Days, You Will Learn:

By the end of this workshop, you will have the knowledge and confidence to make informed property development investment decisions, enhanced communication skills to attract and engage potential investors, and a comprehensive understanding of joint ventures in property development.

Transform Your Property Investment Strategy in Just 2 Days

This Workshop is Different – Fast Track Your Success with Secrets from Australian Property Experts!

Unlock incredible opportunities through joint ventures. At this workshop, you’ll learn how to find and secure deals that thrive in today’s changing market, leveraging the power of joint ventures and creative ways to finance your project.

Imagine the growth your property portfolio could achieve with the right structure!
Unlike other biased seminars, this workshop will offer genuine, actionable insights to empower your real-world success.


$ 2995
Get the following privileges when you purchase
  • Full Access To The 2 Day Event
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Detailed Workbook
  • Top Quality Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea
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$ 1995
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  • Full Access To The 2 Day Event
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Detailed Workbook
  • Top Quality Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea.
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  • If you're already part of our community, contact us today for member discounts. ​


$ 2495
Only 5 Spots Available - This includes:
  • Full Access To The 2 Day Event​
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Detailed Workbook
  • Top Quality Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea
  • VIP Seating At The Workshop
  • Exclusive Dinner With Bob, Hilary & Aaron on Friday Evening Before The Workshop
  • If you're already part of our community, contact us today for member discounts. ​

Limited Time Only!

Seats are limited and this event WILL sell out!

You Might Be Asking Yourself...

Will it work for me?

There is no question about the concepts you will learn and the training you will receive.
The question is…will you take the blueprint that Property Mastermind and our team of property experts provide, the step-by-step outline that has helped others, and use it to become financially independent?

Remember… Our live, in-person events reach capacity every year, with numerous attendees coming back for a refresher and to gather fresh ideas as the program evolves annually. For newbies, it’s a prime opportunity to join a vibrant community, network with industry leaders, and gain invaluable insights into the latest trends and strategies.

Will I be able to implement what I learn and what sort of support will I get?

Good question.

After all, if you are like most people, you have invested in other programs and attended seminars where the information never got used or didn’t yield the promised results.

Remember… we base the content of our workshop on the feedback from hundreds of satisfied attendees, ensuring we deliver exactly what you need.

This is your blueprint to building your multimillion-dollar property portfolio through Joint Ventures, bringing you financial independence.

For those who want to go it alone, you’ll gain all the knowledge you need. For those seeking ongoing support, we offer a comprehensive 13 month Mentoring Program designed just for you.

Will I be able to afford the workshop?

This workshop offers exceptional quality and depth, making it the most valuable and cost-effective property related investment you’ll ever make. By participating and learning from Australia’s top experts, you will save thousands of dollars by avoiding common mistakes.

Ready to Transform Your Property Investment Journey?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Join us at the Property Mastermind Joint Ventures Workshop and start your journey to financial independence today!

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Limited Seats Available

Meet Your Presenters:

Bob - Deal Maker

If being a successful property developer was a result of being born with the right genes – I would be a top shelf panel beater and spray painter. That’s what my dad was, and he never did a deal or had an entrepreneurial bone in his body.

I had some success in business when I was young, but I was working so hard I crashed my car into a bridge from sheer exhaustion.

That was when I decided to get out of the “time for money” trap, and over the past 39 years I’ve been involved in over $1.3 billion in developments – residential and commercial, including over $300million in Joint Ventures.

This extensive experience has allowed me to be in the fortunate position where I can teach something which changes aspiring property developers lives for the better.

And nobody in Australia who’s teaching property development has more experience. In fact, just about every educator started out as a student of mine.

Hilary - Investor Liaison

As a dedicated Life, Business, and Property Coach, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. With the perfect blend of skills and expertise, I am here to empower you to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and, most importantly, believe in your potential for success in Property Development.

I understand that knowledge alone isn’t enough. That’s why I am committed to holding you accountable and guiding you every step of the way. I will be your trusted partner, leading you through your journey with unwavering encouragement and valuable guidance.

With a remarkable track record in both renovations and property development, I possess an in-depth understanding of the challenges you will face and the support you will need. Together, we will navigate your property development journey, utilising my first-hand experience. I am dedicated to ensuring your success, and go above and beyond to provide the support and guidance you need to thrive in the dynamic world of property development.

Aaron - Project Manager

Starting my career outside of property, my transition into real estate wasn’t predestined but was carved from hard work and a relentless drive to succeed.

Now, with years of experience in owning my own property marketing business, holding real estate and mortgage broking licences across two continents, and a track record in both residential and commercial development, I’ve become a trusted property coach with Property Mastermind.

My journey from the USA to Australia reflects a commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering others in their property development endeavours.

Ray - Finance Broker

Ray is a financial expert and has spearheaded numerous successful initiatives. With years of experience in the finance industry, Ray possesses a profound understanding of market dynamics, investment strategies, and economic trends.

His innovative approaches have earned him recognition for delivering consistent results and fostering financial growth for both clients and the organisation.

Michael - Property Accountant

Michael is renowned for his deep understanding of finance and taxation. With extensive experience in advising clients on optimising property tax strategies, Michael has established himself as a trusted authority in the field. His comprehensive knowledge of tax laws and regulations has enabled him to consistently deliver significant savings and value for property owners and investors.

Michael will offer priceless counsel on maneuvering through the financial facets of Property Development Joint Ventures. His ability to simplify complex financial concepts and offer practical solutions makes him an asset to individuals and organisations alike seeking to optimise their financial strategies.

Discover the Proven System for Funding Your Next Property Deal with Joint Venture Partners

Transform Your Property Development Journey: Workshop Agenda

Event Location: This event will be held in Darling Harbour, Sydney. Exact venue address will be supplied upon ticket purchase.

Day 1

9:30 AM – Registration and Welcome Coffee: Start your day with a warm welcome and networking opportunity.
10:00 AM – Opening Remarks: Kick off the workshop with an introduction to the event and discussing your goals for the weekend.
10:15 AM – Session 1: Introduction to Joint Ventures: Learn the basics and benefits of Joint Ventures in property development.
11:00 AM – Break: Morning tea and networking opportunity.
11:15 AM – Session 2: Joint Venture with an Equity Partner, Joint Venture with a Loan Partner and Joint Venture with a Land Owner.
12:30 PM – Lunch Break: Enjoy catered lunch and informal networking.
1:30 PM – Session 3: Syndicates and Capital Raising
2:45 PM – Break: Refresh with a quick break and networking opportunity.
3:00 PM – Session 4: Presentation by expert Property Finance Broker, Ray. 
4:00 PM – Session 5: Finance in Property Development
5:00 PM – Networking and social drinks. 

Day 2

08:45 AM – Registration and Welcome Coffee: Start your day with a warm welcome and networking opportunity.
09:00 AM – Session 1: Finance in Property Development
10:15 AM – Session 2: Case Study – SEQ Industrial Project. 
11:15 AM – Break: Morning tea and networking opportunity.
11:30 AM – Session 3: Investor Liaison and pitch practice.
12:30 PM – Lunch Break: Enjoy a catered lunch and informal networking.
1:30 PM – Session 4: Presentation by Michael, expert Accountant.
2:45 PM – Break: Refresh with a quick break.
3:00 PM – Session 5: Student presentations – Current JV projects.  
5:00 PM – Networking and social drinks. 

Student Stories That Inspire

Success Stories from Our Students

The Case Study We Will Be Covering:

Industrial Project - South East Queensland

This project involves a Joint Venture, Capital Raising and Syndication.

Finding The Site

After an extensive search and regular contact with agents, although already sold out, the site for the North Harbour was acquired through an agent from another developer who decided to reduce their lot purchase from three down to two lots. Initially, it started as a backup offer and successfully survived a takeover bid from a multinational company.

The Site

The site is located in South East Queensland, and spans 4230 square meters. It benefits from comprehensive infrastructure, including connections to NBN, sewage, stormwater, water, and electricity. The parks MIBA zoning allows for a mix of
light industry, low-impact manufacturing, logistics, retail and storage facilities.

Due Diligence

The initial yield analysis was based on 12 units, as the parking rate in the area is quite steep at 2 per tenancy plus 1 per 100 sqm of GFA (gross floor area). We have since increased the plan to 16 units and will confirm this with a pre-lodgment meeting. The development includes a bio-
retention basin, which means we don’t have to capture the stormwater onsite in tanks or use a water quality filtration system. Additionally, the lot has infrastructure credits, which is a
significant cost saving.

Purchasing The Site

The site was purchased using a commercial contract with a 21-day due diligence period and a
10% deposit.

The development entity was set up as a unit trust. Additionally, we used a put and call option, which allowed us time to add investors to the unit trust without the threat of paying double stamp duty.

The call part of the option allowed us to control the site, while the put option gave the developer the certainty that we would proceed with the contract.


This South East Queensland development represents a meticulously planned and strategically located project that promises significant returns for investors. Through careful site selection, comprehensive due diligence, and robust financial planning, the project is set to deliver 16 versatile light industrial units within the growing region. The strategic use of a put and call option during the site acquisition has provided both control and security, enabling the project to proceed smoothly.

With infrastructure credits and a bio-retention basin contributing to cost savings, and a dedicated team of surveyors, architects, engineers, landscape architects, and marketing agents working on the development, this project is well-positioned for success.

The projected gross profit of $2,034,726 and a return on cost of 28.35% underscore the viability and profitability of this development. Investors can look forward to a high level of security and substantial returns, making this project a prime example of successful property development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this workshop different?

This workshop stands out because it offers real-world insights and actionable strategies from Australian experts in property. Unlike other seminars or workshops, we will only be focusing on Joint Ventures and Creative ways to finance your developments, providing you with the tools and knowledge to succeed in today’s evolving property market. Our comprehensive curriculum, experienced speakers, and practical exercises ensure you gain the confidence and skills needed to transform your property investment journey.

Yes, we offer special discounts for attendees who bring guests. This is a great way to share the experience with a partner or colleague and maximise the value you receive from the workshop. Contact our team for more details on group discounts and guest rates: admin@propertymastermind.com.au

Absolutely! We understand the importance of addressing your specific needs. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have. Simply call us on or send us an email and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

Call: 1300 729 550

Email: admin@propertymastermind.com.au

After attending the Property Mastermind Joint Ventures Workshop, you will have a solid understanding of joint ventures in property development, enhanced communication skills to attract and engage potential investors, and the confidence to make informed investment decisions. You’ll also gain access to a network of like-minded developers and investors via our Facebook group, plus we will discuss the Property Mastermind 13 month Mentoring Program, where you have the opportunity to receive ongoing support. 

Yes, we provide a variety of resources to enhance your learning experience. Our workbook includes access to presentation slides, and a curated list of additional reading. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in hands-on exercises and receive live feedback.

Our workshops have proven track records of delivering valuable, actionable insights that have helped many attendees achieve their property goals. We base our content on feedback from hundreds of satisfied participants to ensure you receive the most relevant and practical information.

For those seeking ongoing support, we offer a comprehensive 13 month Mentoring Program designed to provide continuous guidance and resources as you apply what you’ve learned. You’ll also gain access to our exclusive community of alumni, where you can network, share experiences, and learn from others on the same journey.


Limited Time Only!

This is your chance to secure a spot at the Property Mastermind Joint Ventures Workshop – but you need to act fast!

Seats are limited and this event WILL sell out!

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn from industry leaders, network with top investors, and transform your property investment strategy.

Hurry, get your tickets now before they’re gone!

Imagine walking away with the skills, knowledge, and connections to elevate your property portfolio to new heights. The clock is ticking, and opportunities like this don’t come around often.
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