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Bob Andersen, the man Australian Property Magazine (API) selected to be their resident property development experts says…

“Sure, Property Investors Make Some Money But…

Property Developers Get Seriously Rich!”

Finally, Australian Billion Dollar Property Developer, Bob Andersen, breaks his 32+ year silence to reveal the methods he uses to develop property. Developing property at cost and selling for massive profit.

Dear Friend,

Are you rich yet?

If you’re like most property investors you’ve worked hard, invested every spare dollar you’ve earned into property and … after buying 2 to 4 properties you’ve suddenly found the bank won’t lend you any more money.

Or … perhaps you’re working harder than you expected and not getting the kind of return on investment you hoped for.

The good news is, your properties will keep growing in value over the long term and you should be able to retire with a decent nest egg … eventually!

But … what if you don’t want to wait for retirement to start living the life of your dreams?

What if you want to live the good life NOW … with plenty of money to do whatever you want, whenever you want … while growing your nest egg and portfolio beyond anything you previously imagined?

Well there is a way … it’s called property development … and … thanks to my 32+ years in the industry it’s now easier than ever to get started making money as a part-time or full-time property developer in Australia.

Why should you care? Because property investors make money … but with my help you can easily become a property developer and get seriously rich!

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$1 billion in property developments over 32+ years.

"That's a $1,180,000 turnaround. He's a genius. Learn from the best."

We were about to give up on our dream. After two years of work, two DA's from two different architectural firms and a not too favourable valuation for our proposed student accommodation project we didn't know where to turn. But a chance meeting with a senior executive from a major financial institution turned everything around. He gave us Bob Andersen's contact details. After an initial meeting Bob declared our scheme unworkable. Two weeks later, after brainstorming with his associates, we had a totally revised, simpler and far superior design. In effect Bob was able to reduce construction costs by 33% ($610,000), increase the on completion net rent by adding 28 bathrooms (up from 4) and thereby increase the end value by $570,000. That's a $1,180,000 turnaround. He's a genius. Learn from the best.

Terence Munro, Brisbane