Ep 54: Success Story From a Past Student with Anna-Kate 

Ep 54: Success Story From a Past Student with Anna-Kate 

Starting something new can always be scary. You may question, will this work? Is this right for me? How do I know I will be successful? The best way to get over those fears is to see the success of others who have followed in the path you may be interested in taking. 

Former student Anna-Kate shares her story and talks about how Property Masterminds has been a huge part of her success with property development. Along with thousands of others who have successfully gone through the online courses and in person training Anna-Kate has built her confidence and is living proof that these programs work!

In this week’s episode Bob interviews Anna-Kate about her success and how Property Masterminds programs have helped her and her family build the life they always wanted. They dive into her life story and what led her to get into property development, what projects she is currently working on and how she is always using Bob and Hilarys advice along the way. So if you still don’t think you have what it takes you won’t want to miss this week’s episode! Listen to Anna-Kate’s story and maybe it will give you that extra push to prove that you can do it!  



Episode Highlights:

    1. Anna-Kate’s background before property development.  [02:40]
    2. How Anna-Kate got into property development. [04:15]
    3. Anna-Kate’s first deal.  [08:07]
    4. The importance of face to face.  [18:08]
    5. How many projects is she currently working on? [22:56] 
    6. Holding your property to make more money. [28:37]
    7. Anna-Kate’s future projects. [35:00]
    8. Never leave anything on the table. [42:20]




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It has been a pleasure! And we look forward to seeing you in the future episodes!

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