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Want to make a fortune in Real Estate – the fast way?

Join us on June 3rd, 4th and 5th for our 3 – Day Online Workshop!

Now you can learn live and in-person from one of Australia’s Most Successful Property Developers… A Man who has been involved in over A BILLION DOLLARS of projects and has more than 30 years experience…The Secrets, Strategies, and Techniques that may enable you to build your own fortune…

This workshop is perfect if you want to fast-track your learning in an action-packed 3-day live event. Get to mix with other like-minded individuals with a craving for property development success just like you.

Discover how YOU can be a Property Developer

Join Us On 3rd, 4th and 5th of June for Our ONLINE workshop

$2995.00 AUD

You’re INVITED to join me and your fellow new-generation property developers at an exciting 3-day LIVE and in-person workshop. Our first ONLINE workshop begins very soon! Join us on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of June for an awesome 3-day event. To purchase tickets, continue reading below..

These are usually held on a regular basis in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  That means there should be an event that’s convenient for you to attend in the near future. Although our 2022 ONLINE event begins very soon (June 3rd, 4th, and 5th). 

Here’s how it goes down:

LIVE training for making FAST progress towards your goal of making BIG money with the magic of property development.

IMMERSE yourself in the subject of property development and making money.

JUMP START your progress and put you on the FAST TRACK to success as a property developer

Get access to a step-by-step, proven and tested PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM

See REAL-LIFE Property Development examples. See for yourself how everything fits together to make a successful project.

Enjoy a unique opportunity to ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS you need to be crystal-clear on what you need to do.

Bring any deals you are investigating and have then critiqued by Bob personally

Participate with Bob in discussing and dissecting live case studies of deals and decide whether to do them or bin them

Join with your fellow attendees in group activities. There’s no better way to learn about due diligence, feasibilities and finance.

At the conclusion of our 3 days together, you will have all the insights and knowledge needed to be a successful property developer.

What you’ll learn at my Property Development Workshop…

Get complete access to a proven, step-by-step, Property Development System.
Learn everything you need to be a a successful property developer.

STEP 1: Getting Started

The 8 ‘must have’ attributes you need to cultivate to become a successful developer

The 16 steps to property development success – don’t miss a thing and stay a step ahead

Proven strategies to locate and build your property development ‘dream team’

STEP 2: Site Acquisition

Time tested techniques to find highly profitable sites including 5 little-known strategies to uncover hidden off-market gems

The 10 areas of due diligence to ensure you don’t buy a lemon as well as tips on free due diligence research tools

Two methods to purchase a site including must-have special conditions that give you the upper-hand

STEP 3: Financial Feasibility

Every input you need to crunch the numbers accurately

The key performance indicators to look for so you don’t waste time on unprofitable sites

How to perform ‘reverse feasibilities’ to ensure you never pay too much for a site

STEP 4: Approvals

How to research buyer behaviour and brief your design team to ensure your project sells like hot cakes

How to maximise the potential of the site and limit any headaches with local authorities

Little-known design secrets to avoid unnecessary construction costs

STEP 5: Development Finance

The 2 types of development finance and when to use each to maximum effect

How to source and secure the best finance offer for your project including tips on dealing direct with lenders

How lenders approach valuations and the secret to make sure you get the right one every time

STEP 6: Construction

How to find quality builders and run a professional tender to ensure you secure the right price

The 4 popular building contracts along with the special conditions you must include to protect yourself

How to manage your builder to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget

STEP 7: Marketing

When you should and shouldn’t pre-sell your project – this decision can make thousands of dollars difference to your top line

How to identify and appoint the best sales team to get the highest price and the fastest sales

When it may be suitable to sell your own project and the pitfalls to avoid

STEP 8: Settlement

The 5 steps you must take post construction to settle your sales quickly

How to save a chunk of interest by completing many of the final tasks months before the end of construction

How to ensure your titles are issued without delay so you can progress to settlements and bank your profit

Creative Strategies

The 5 most popular strategies our students use to finance projects with little to no money of their own

Proven strategies on finding investors to finance your project

Case studies of real projects and how they came together with little to no financial investment

Meet your teacher – “Mr Property Development” Bob Andersen

Why Bob Is The Man to Guide You To A Fortune As A Property Developer…

“Hi, Bob Andersen here.

If you’re finally ready to get on the fast track to success…the fast track to building wealth and financial independence…then this may well be the most important message you will ever read.

For over 30 years I’ve been a hands-on property developer. First working for major property corporations and then for myself with my own company. 

Over that time I’ve been involved in over $1,000,000,000…that’s ONE BILLION dollars…worth of projects.

At any one time…I have somewhere between $50 and $100 MILLION worth of projects in the pipeline of my property development company.

I’ve written a book about property development that went gangbusters in Australia and the USA and Australian Property Investor Magazine choose me as their resident property development expert.

I collaborated in producing the most successful series of articles they’ve ever published – the “Small Development Guide”.

And for more than 8 years I’ve been helping people just like you become successful in property development. Through my “Property Mastermind” program many aspiring developers have discovered how to create wealth and financial independence for themselves.

I mention all this not to brag but simply to demonstrate that I know what I’m talking about…

…and that the secrets I’ll share with you are tried and tested over many years and all kinds of economic conditions.  Good times…bad times…my system for profitable property development has worked and continues to deliver results.”

Start your journey to becoming a MILLIONAIRE Property Developer!

$2995.00 AUD

…and why there is ZERO RISK for you to access to for this life-changing opportunity.

“It’s VERY IMPORTANT to me that you are completely satisfied with your decision to enrol in the “Property Development Workshop”.  I understand that this may be a significant financial commitment for you.

It is certainly a significant commitment of your time and energy in order to build a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

So here is my GUARANTEE to you. Go ahead and secure your place on the “Property Development Workshop”.

Join me and your fellow future property developers at the live event and take advantage of EVERYTHING that’s available on the first day of the training.

That includes the sessions covering the first steps of the Property Mastermind System, the Q&A sessions and networking with your fellow students.

At the end of the first day of the live training, in the unlikely event that you are NOT satisfied with your decision to take the “Property Development Workshop”, then I insist that you ask for a full refund of your investment.

Simply speak with me or one of my team and explain that the Workshop is not for you.  You’ll get a full and courteous 100% refund of your investment and we will part as friends. All I ask is that you return all of the training resources you received on the first day of the Workshop event. 

So you really have nothing to lose…and a bright new future to gain.I look forward to seeing you. Regards, Bob”

What our students have to say

2022 Live & In-Person Workshop Dates Below:

2022 TBC

2022 TBC

2022 TBC

Are you joining us in 2022 at a live and in-person workshop?

We look forward to seeing you very soon!