You Better Get The Right Advice….Or Else

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You Better Get The Right Advice….Or Else

I couldn’t count the number of times over the years where someone out of the blue has contacted me because they’ve gotten into a sticky situation with a development project. The first thing I do is check if they’re on my database and have done one of my courses.

Fortunately, it’s rare that they are and when it is it’s usually because they haven’t followed the rules – they took shortcuts or left too much to others without overviewing them. When they’re not on my list I always want to know who taught them, if indeed anyone did.

Jack was an investor on my database but had never done a course. The idea was that he would invest in one of my projects. But Jack got impatient and thinking you could learn to become a developer for free on the internet and learn as you go, he purchased a site potentially for seven townhouses.

The problem was that the site was in another city, he found it the same day he bought it at auction, and he did no due diligence. But it gets better. The site backed on to a railway station, fronted a four-lane road, was next to boom gates, had a sewer through the middle, was a triangular shape and the council wanted a nine-meter strip off the front for road widening.

I did save him eventually after nine months of work, lots of fees including mine (ironically equal to 23 times my course value) and it nearly cost him his marriage. Saving him meant we took council on because the road widening wasn’t flagged anywhere, got a DA for 21 apartments including an extra level, sold the approved site and he got out with no profit and no loss.

Had he done the course and followed the rules he never would have bought the site. Problem solved before it becomes one.

It also comes back to who you take advice from. I don’t know about you, but my attitude has always been to go to the top when seeking a teacher or coach. As a schoolboy sprinter with potential, and with help from my parents, I approached and then trained under a nationally accredited coach Tony Blue. Under Tony’s coaching, I got to be ranked in the top three in Australia.

Later, when I wanted to learn karate, I tracked down the Australian team coach Tamio Tsuji. I didn’t live close by and passed probably 20 dojos (karate schools) on my way to train under Sensei Tsuji.

When I wanted to expand my property development knowledge and gain experience in larger projects by working for a development company I went straight to the biggest developer in Australia at the time, Hooker Projects, tracked down the state manager and lined up a meeting.

Four months later, after putting me to the test and putting me under the blow torch, I was appointed State Commercial Development Manager in charge of developing office blocks in the city and city fringe.

There are two things I would like you to consider in your own life. Firstly, following on yesterday’s email, see how ‘lucky’ I was. You need to ‘make’ your luck. As golfer Gary Player would say “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.

The second thing I want you to consider is why shoot for mediocre when you can shoot for the top? Particularly when it comes to getting educated. The cost is usually similar but the results can be massively different.

I regularly receive calls from people enquiring about my courses. I always like to ask them what other courses they are considering. It’s sort of fun because there’s a lawyer with an overpriced course, a guy in NSW who fills his live course with consultants spruiking for work and some of my former students running their own course

I don’t know if it is a good metaphor or not (please email me if you have a better one I can use) but if I needed brain surgery I’d be looking for someone who’d done hundreds of brain operations, not someone on their third one. There are too many things that can go wrong and you need time and experience and years of solving problems to be at the top of your game.

If you’re looking at a course, I have prepared a tick sheet to help you make an informed decision.

To download a copy click here –> Comparison Bob vs Others

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