Have you ever wondered, when reflecting back on life, how things could have been drastically different had one seemingly irrelevant situation occurred or not occurred? Confused?

My dad was a spray painter / panel beater. From primary school onwards I helped my dad rub down cars, cut out rust, mask up before painting. Being able to do that made me very popular with my mates during my late teens – fixing their dings and hotting up engines.

I loved my dad, and he died suddenly way too early, but I was never going to be him. He spent his life exchanging his time for money. But I had an out. I had been blessed with the infliction of colour blindness. Way before computers, you had to colour-match colours on cars you repaired as they faded slightly with time.

Whew! Imagine that. Me, a panel beater instead of a developer. That would have been drastically different. Oh, the $9M story. I’m getting there.

Roll on a few decades and the panel beater’s son still likes to tinker with cars. You know, crank out some latent horsepower. Old habits die slowly. But he also ‘tinkers’ with property development and his mates have turned into people he shares his experience and knowledge with. You might be one of them. Or maybe you should be.

Having developed nearly every type of property, the failed spray painter concluded that the best thing to develop is retirement product. Why? It is driven by one fact. People get older and there’s never enough product available. But there are many models, it can get complex and there is legislation to deal with. Fortunately, I solved all that a long time ago.

There are two models I like. One is called ‘land lease’. I got into it 30 years ago and in the last 5-10 years some big players have emerged and built up a portfolio of villages. In the last 18 months some have sold their portfolio for unbelievably high prices which has repriced the product upwards big time. Late last year and again a few weeks ago I have been approached by big players to buy our site in Tamworth on the Golf Course. One, public company, the other an international consortium.
It’s hot property.

So, why knock back $9 million, not once but twice? The profit above purchase price is big. But the effort we put in, the blood sweat, and tears, and a court case to get us to a point of starting construction at present was even bigger. We’re surging ahead. I’m in Tamworth now with my business partner Pete checking on construction and filming ads.



Would you say no to $9 million? Well, I want to give you that chance to test yourself. You would know from previous emails that we have a cracker investment opportunity for you to invest in this project on the Greg Norman designed Longyard Golf Course. First mortgage security, quarterly interest payments, ASIC compliant, SMSF friendly, minimum $100K  – a great investment.

But even more valuable than the investment, in my opinion, is the education I am going to impart to you as an investor. I’ll teach you all about retirement models, finding sites, feasibilities etc via regular Zoom sessions and project updates. Earn and learn, we call it. I’m paying you to learn. And with this knowledge, I hope you will go and package a deal. Then bring the deal to me and if it’s good enough we can JV it like I did with Pete or we can put it to one of the big players I know.

That’s a long way from not painting cars. So, are you up for it? Want to join me? Want more details? Click here.



Bob Andersen

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