Why Property Development with Bob Andersen | #002

Why Property Development with Bob Andersen | #002

We just love it when we hear stories of people becoming millionaires through property. I mean, who doesn’t want to become a millionaire? But what we love more is when we’re a part of that someone’s story, and the easiest way we know to get there is through property development.

Our guest for today — Bob Andersen of Property Mastermind  — the legend who knows so much about property, talks about why you need to consider property development. Maybe even start investing right after you listen to this podcast?

Today has been such a fun time chatting with Bob about our own stories and how we both got into property development. All that and more in today’s episode, so tune in!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Why invest in property? [1:16]
  3. Set and forget: the passive way of earning from property [4:28]
  4. Developing: the active way of earning from property [5:24]
  5. Bob shares about his journey into property development [8:37]
  6. Is it common for people to enter into property because of a need? [13:49]
  7. Hilary shares her story about coming into property development [14:52]
  8. Property development is the pinnacle of property strategies, where the big bucks are [18:05]
  9. The options are endless with property [19:00]
  10. The beauty behind entering property development [20:48]
  11. Bob explains why he believes “price is what you pay, value is what you get” [23:04]


About Bob Andersen:

Bob Andersen is the founder of Property Mastermind; he is a member of a select group of Australian property developers who have been involved in over $1 billion in successful development projects over the last three decades. Bob’s success in property development has become life-changing, and he wants to share his knowledge and experience with everyone who is willing to learn the secrets of property development. Property Mastermind exists because it gives him great satisfaction to see students get massive change in their finances and lifestyle.


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It has been a pleasure! And we look forward to seeing you in the future episodes!

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