Why Exchanging Time For Money Sucks (The Life Out Of You)

Why Exchanging Time For Money Sucks (The Life Out Of You)

If you have a job now and it hasn’t been affected by COVID19, you probably like it a lot more than you did six weeks ago. There’s a lot of people who would like to swap places with you.

So, assuming you have a job (just above broke), or even if you are self-employed, I want to ask you a question. Are you being paid what you’re worth? Despite how valuable you think you are; the answer is probably yes.

My next question is – does what you are paid provide you with everything you want in life? Are you living in the house you desire, are you driving the car you desire, are you providing for your family the way you desire, is your lifestyle what you desire?

If not, I guess you need more money. But in nearly all cases that involves working more hours. Want to double your income? Work 80 hours instead of 40. Or more likely work 95 hours to cover the extra tax.

So, now you have more money and no time to enjoy it. So what you really need is to earn more money but in the same amount of time. Like doubling your hourly rate and working a 40 hour week.

Now you have twice as much money and the same amount of spare time you have now. But do you even have enough spare time now if you had that extra money?

What if you could earn twice as much and work half as many hours. Now that would be sweet. So the problem isn’t that you exchange time for money but that you need to earn a lot more money while working a lot fewer hours.

So now you know what you must do. You just have to work out how. Ummm….let me think. Maybe I can help you. Maybe you could do what I did to solve the problem – what I’ve taught so many others with the same problem to do.

Learn how to do small profitable property developments. Even a tiny one like a two-lot subdivision will make you a six-figure profit for under 100 hours work and it’s something you can do while you still have a day job.

Even if you’re short of money there are several ways you can get up and running. That’s exactly what I did to get myself on my financial feet after a near-death car accident.

Now is a perfect time to put those extra hours you’ve gained to good use. Get yourself into an online course. We’ll be past this current situation in a few months. Empower yourself now and get ready to launch yourself when things turn around.

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