Understanding the Importance of Feng Shui in Property With Jane Langof | #004

Understanding the Importance of Feng Shui in Property With Jane Langof | #004

Ever heard the word “feng shui”? Some of you may not even know how to pronounce it, but Feng Shui is a practice that originates from the Chinese culture. It covers the favorable and unfavorable effects of building decoration and design, especially when considering spatial arrangement in relation to the flow of spiritual energy.

In today’s episode, I have a chat with the lovely Jane Langof from “Feng Shui Concepts”. Previously an accountant, Jane set foot on a totally different path and she shares with us how Feng Shui has helped her discover a side of herself she never would have known. We also talk about how Feng Shui can either affect or help with the saleability of a property.

It’s been a wonderful chat and I’d love for you to come listen to this as you’ll surely be able to gain some knowledge and insight. Tune in and let’s get started!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Jane Langof talks about how she got into Feng Shui [1:09]
  3. What is Feng Shui and how does it work? [2:27]
  4. How wide is the market for feng shui experts in Australia? [4:18]
  5. Feng shui consultations: the process [6:06]
  6. Why you need to involve feng shui experts early on in the process (design stage) [8:42]
  7. Common mistakes one can find when a feng shui expert is not involved in the early processes of building a property [10:03]
  8. Fixing negative energy in a property with feng shui and the results [11:13]
  9. How long does it take to become a feng shui master? [12:59]
  10. Starting a feng shui business [15:19]
  11. Common clients in Jane’s feng shui business [19:03]
  12. Understanding feng shui as a culture [20:19]
  13. Feng shui tips for the average homeowner [22:52]
  14. Feng shui, colors, and layouts [26:21]
  15. How would Jane Langof design herself differently? [29:42]

About Jane Langof:

Jane Langof is the founder and owner of Feng Shui Concepts — a company that aims to create beautiful spaces that inspire success. Jane started her career in the world of finance as an accountant but felt that she was meant to walk down a more creative path. Being enthralled by the idea, Jane studied with the best design and Feng Shui teachers in Australia and Asia. She is now an internationally accredited Feng Shui Master who is highly accomplished and experienced in her field.


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It has been a pleasure! And we look forward to seeing you in the future episodes!

  • Tony Crichton
    Posted at 09:42h, 02 July Reply

    We made all the changes recommended by Jane and had the last two townhouses sold within a fortnight of the consultation. They had been on the market for many months. The result was mindboggling. We should have involved Jane involved much sooner.

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