Townhouse = Tuna and Mackerel = Apartment

Townhouse = Tuna and Mackerel = Apartment

For those of you who don’t know, I ticked off another birthday on Tuesday. I’m not telling you this so I can glow on more well wishes, but to let you in on what Hilary bought me as part of my birthday present.

Backstory. I bought this u-beaut fishfinder / GPS unit about 6 months ago. It basically finds fish, catches them, cleans and scales them. Well almost. Hilary reckons it can pick up tins of tuna in our pantry from 20 km away.

I read the instructions, watched Youtube clips and tutorials, and basically, I can turn it on.

So, Hilary, the problem solver decided to do what we teach in property development – “Leverage the expert’s time and expertise”. She booked six hours with a ‘fishing identity”. We spent 3 hours getting the “machine” sorted with the expert then headed out to put it into practice. The more I think about it, the more I see similarities with property development.

Nick Whyte Tech Fishing

We needed expert help to stop spinning wheels and trying to learn everything online, so we invested in an expert’s time and knowledge. This saved us a huge amount of time and frustration.

We wanted to find a site, in this case a reef. So, we used the skills and resources we had learned. Some didn’t stack up, meaning some reefs had no fish. But we weren’t relying on luck, we could see there were no fish on the reef, so didn’t waste our time. If a deal doesn’t stack up, move on.

We used the right gear – rod, reel, lures – just like using Dial Before You Dig, Council websites, the Property Mastermind Feasibility Calculator. And we did the right due diligence – right tide, time, location, targeted species.

Townhouse equals tuna, apartment equals mackerel – get my drift? And guess what – it all came together, and we crunched a deal – meaning we landed some fish.

So, are you just drifting alone in that great big property sea hoping for a bite? Or do you want to
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