The Property Mastermind Masterclass Is This Saturday 14th May 2022

Who is Bob Andersen

The Property Mastermind Masterclass Is This Saturday 14th May 2022

We’re super excited to have so many of you join us this Saturday 14th May for our 4hr Property Developer Masterclass.

During this free online event, Bob will teach you the property development basics. You will gain an understanding of what to do at each step of the process and who to communicate with at each stage. This event is perfect for the newbie developer.

But guess what! If you’re already well into your first, second, or tenth project, this will also be a great event for you too! Not only will Bob be breaking down each step, but he will also give you his current take on the market and teach you creative strategies on how to do profitable deals regardless of your financial situation.

Wondering if this 4-hour Masterclass will be worth your time and energy? Trust us, it will. Continue reading and you’ll learn why you should definitely join us on Saturday…

After almost 40 years as a top-shelf developer in Australia’s property industry, you could say Bob Andersen has seen it all. And not just seen it, he has survived and thrived.

While most educators have had a ‘recent run of luck’ developing in one place, in a rising market post GFC Bob has dealt with two recessions, the 1987 Black Monday Crash, inflation ranging from 0% to 12.5%, interest rates from 2% to 23%, unemployment rates from 4.3% to 11.4%. Throw into the Asian Financial Crisis, crash, the GFC and a few pandemics including Covid 19 and you have a very interesting life in the property market.

Developing through these times in all states except NT has ‘battle hardened’ Bob and given him enormous insight into maximising profit and minimising risk. If ever you wanted to learn property development – this is the guy you need to learn from.

As well as being a full-on property developer for almost four decades, Bob has devoted the last fifteen years to educating and inspiring others to do what he does.

When it comes to business, Bob get’s it. As well as running a property development company developing anything from a two-lot subdivision to a retirement village he and his partner Hilary Saxton run their property development education business ‘Property Mastermind’ like a well-oiled machine, while always making time to see family in NZ or Aus, especially those ratbag grandkids.

Not bad for a ‘property dinosaur’ as Bob jokingly calls himself. Those in the know however refer to him as the Mr. Google of property because of his amazing knowledge on the subject.

Saturday’s 4hr masterclass could be what you need to get yourself into line, get traction and lift off..

Stay tuned for more information about Hilary Saxton and why she is a world-class asset to the Property Mastermind team.

To get to know Bob and Hilary a bit more, join us on Saturday. It’ll be an awesome event and it’s FREE, so why not!

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