The Ledge Of No Progress

The Ledge Of No Progress

Where you are and where you would ultimately like to be?

Think back to the spice girl’s song ‘tell me what you want, what you really, really want’.

When it comes to property, you want to be property developing, renovating or investing and that is in a size, shape, or form that you have in your mind.

You start off your property journey so excited, you’ve done a course (we hope) or some of you will have planted yourself on Facebook sites and be YouTubing hoping to learn vital information from industry newbies (ouch). So it’s renovating or splitting or developing, who cares – you are excited.

You start taking the right steps and then you hit your first problem, call it a hurdle a speed bump a roadblock it doesn’t matter. You are there and you are struggling to get over it.

It could be related to your property journey through finance, finding a deal or council red tape or it could be personal like a relationship struggle, job loss or children. Whatever it is, it has trapped you on what I call “The Ledge of No Progress”.

That damn ledge has claimed the success of millions of people who started off on a journey full of enthusiasm and excitement and then became trapped, where they stop taking action and never achieve their dream.

So what gets you stuck on the ledge?

1. Fear: Fear of failure. What if doesn’t work. How will I save face? What will others
say? What if I have another failure, I’ve had so many?
The short answer to fear is small steps, chunk it down.

2. Distractions: Distractions are a major problem. Friends with the best of intentions
have great ideas for other businesses. Those who are impatient follow another
bouncing ball, the martyr will put others needs in front of their own.
The short answer is to learn to put yourself first.

3. Analysis Paralysis. Analysing things to within an inch of their life, past the point of requirement. This is the overthinking. If we are unsure of something or we have had a failure in the past we will create spreadsheets for our spreadsheets or think about it far too long without making a decision because we want it to be perfect. The short answer to answer to analysis paralysis is “80% done is better than 100% not started”, just get started.

The ledge of no progress is unfortunately a landing place for many a wanna-be Property Developers.

Life is too short, be honest with yourself, if you are on the ledge my advice is, “GET OFF”.

If you were after a sign, this is it.


P.S. Watch Hilary explain this here.

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