The inside job…🚗

The inside job…🚗

Inside jobs… They happen, from bribery, palm greasing, hush money, nepotism, and good old fashioned corruption. They’re out there and they work.

Where I’m heading with this is John C. Maxwell’s spin on the ‘Inside Job’, being more around your personal success in life.

‘Failure is an inside job.
So is success.
If you want to achieve,
you have to win the war in your thinking first.
You can’t let the failure outside you get inside you.’

Having taught Property Development for many years now I’ve seen it all. From the woman or man who has been left with very little and is really peeved. The couple who lost everything and need to make it back fast, the hungry entrepreneurs, the parent with son or daughter (sometimes interested and sometimes not). The people who want the lifestyle that money brings, not only to use now but to leave behind as their legacy.You name it, they, and many others have been amongst my thousands of students. What I initially see as they enter a workshop is a glimpse of the expectation they have knowing how property can change their life financially.

What I also witness are the people who will do nothing. People, with the best intentions but the wrong mindset. They don’t really believe they can do it, they are not committed, and to them it’s more of a wish which will leave them with the same result as hoping their fairy godmother turns up and sort things for them. Yeah, won’t happen.

So how do you change that?
How do you move from…
‘I know what I need to do but I just don’t do it.’

to actually doing it.There is a process and since having Hilary jump onboard coaching I’ve noticed a huge difference with my mentoring students and if I’m honest, myself.Personally I’ve intuitively been a goal setter and go-getter but what I now realise is that when it comes to property, many people are not. Many people need showing, reminding, and help to get there and it ALWAYS begins in their head.

Their mindset is not set in the right place. The jump from where they are to where they want is too big and they don’t know how to close the gap. They want something but inside, deep down they don’t believe they can have it, it’s too far away and subsequently, they end up sabotaging things.

So what about you, is your mindset where it needs to be?
Are you capable of more, are you playing a smaller game than you know you could, do you have untapped potential? Ironically when it comes to what you are capable of, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Donald, Oprah, and a few others got the jump on us all but I very much doubt any of them would not have had mindset help. Hilary often refers to herself as a cheerleader and after hearing her at work, I get it. Enabling people to believe and see a bigger future for themself, past the roadblocks, and doubt.

So is it time you had a reality check inside your head and asked if you are honestly able to see yourself where you want to be?  If not... contact Hilary here, Property success is an inside job!

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