The Advantages of Property Development Over Investing With Bob Andersen | #005

The Advantages of Property Development Over Investing With Bob Andersen | #005

Imagine all the money you could save if you didn’t have to pay retail for everything!

Today, I am joined again by Bob Andersen A legend when it comes to property development — to share a conversation about why property development is so much better than straight investments.

We also talk about the benefits and advantages you will eventually see for yourself if you decide to go down the route of property development.

It’s been an insightful discussion, so take this opportunity to listen and pick up those golden nuggets as Bob and I converse on. Let’s get rolling!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Save more money when you develop and invest [1:50]
  3. Property development can be a small development in a profitable way [2:51]
  4. Anybody can do property development [4:50}
  5. A glance into the possibilities of earning through property development [6:18]
  6. If you want to do property development, you’ve got to do it right [17:22]
  7. Property development gives you time [17:55]
  8. When do people start keeping properties as investments compared to just moving forward and selling the property [21:48]
  9. Picturing the property development investor and the retail investor in comparison [24:17]
  10. More benefits of being in property development [26:46]

About Bob Andersen:

Bob Andersen is the founder of Property Mastermind; he is a member of a select group of Australian property developers who have been involved in over $1 billion in successful development projects over the last three decades. Bob’s success in property development has become life-changing, and he wants to share his knowledge and experience with everyone who is willing to learn the secrets of property development. Property Mastermind exists because it gives him great satisfaction to see students get massive change in their finances and lifestyle.


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It has been a pleasure! And we look forward to seeing you in the future episodes!

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