Can Trees Be a Problem When I’m Property Developing? – with Bob Andersen | #029

Can Trees Be a Problem When I’m Property Developing? – with Bob Andersen | #029

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Let’s talk about trees. 

I know, I know – you might be thinking, “What the heck does this have to do with property development and what kind of information can you shed on trees?

Well, there are actually a number of issues that can be caused by trees and awareness could save you from potential heartache.

Bob and I discuss how trees can impact property development deals, the differences between good and bad arborists out there, and go through a number of Bob’s adventures in the world of trees being an issue in property development.

This may be an odd episode, but we promise you’ll love it!


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Let’s get into the episode!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Can the presence of trees kill deals? [02:07]
  2. Councils didn’t mind trees in the past, unlike today [02:57]
  3. Bob’s bout with the golden rain tree [05:33]
  4. The story of trees & Bob’s retirement village project [8:12]
  5. Bob’s resort development experience (and being tree-conscious) [11:53]
  6. Trees can impact a property development deal! [14:11]
  7. Neighbours’ trees can also be an issue during property development [14:42]
  8. Losing apartment units because of trees [17:02]
  9. Have others been able to skirt around councils & cut down a tree? [18:01]
  10. Are there rules to cutting trees and can you disregard them? [20:27]
  11. Bob’s apartment block project & dealing with more trees [21:03]
  12. Are there good and bad arborists? [24:39]
  13. The story of a development site rendered useless by trees [27:09]
  14. You can’t just cut trees down whenever you want! [28:54]


About Hilary Saxton:

Hilary Saxton is a performance and mindset strategist who motivates, trains, and coaches people who crave knowledge and success in their property and business life. Hilary has had a varied career in property and business spanning at around more than 25 years now. She takes an honest, upfront approach towards both people and process issues. Hilary provides solutions through incremental and transformational change that delivers the success her clients both want and need.


About Bob Andersen:

Bob Andersen is the founder of Property Mastermind; he is a member of a select group of Australian property developers who have been involved in over $1 billion in successful development projects over the last three decades. Bob’s success in property development has become life-changing, and he wants to share his knowledge and experience with everyone who



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It has been a pleasure! Looking forward to seeing you in the future episodes!

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