The Current State of the Property Market | #018

The Current State of the Property Market | #018

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Things have been changing so fast in the Australian property market of late. Previously you might look at statistics every 3-6 months, these days changes happen monthly, sometimes even weekly.

To help everyone stay updated, I invite Bob Andersen — the man, the myth, the legend of property development – to break down and explain what is happening in the property market as he does for our community every month. We’ll go over the current growth, the sales volumes, the rental rates and yields as of September 2021.

Be prepared to get a lot of stats and numbers, but expect that we’ll throw in some interesting insights that will surely give you a clearer view on what’s going on amidst all the crazy we are seeing.

What are you waiting for? Jump in, and let’s start our discussion for today!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Bob’s reliable sources of statistics and figures [2:58]
  3. Australia’s residential property market update [4:44]
    1. How COVID affected the numbers [5:43]
    2. What’s the value of the residential real estate in Australia at present [6:51]
  4. The residential property market in comparison with the commercial property market in Australia [7:40]
  5. The actual picture of growth in percentage for the residential property market all around Australia [8:45]
  6. The annual and quarterly change in Sydney [10:27]
  7. How the lockdown has affected the property market in Sydney and Melbourne in the last quarter [11:38]
  8. How about Brisbane’s property market? [12:35]
  9. Updates on Adelaide’s property market [15:06]
  10. What about Hobart’s property market? [16:23]
  11. Let’s talk about Darwin’s & Perth’s property market [18:31]
  12. The effect of price changes on the renting market [20:57]
  13. What is the biggest issue with property? [23:37]
  14. Parents who are into property development can set up their children quickly [23:58]
  15. It’s never too early to start property development [25:17]
  16. All about rental yields [26:33]
  17. About Vendor Discount Rates [29:03]
    1. What happened with the vendor discount rates in Darwin [31:17]
    2. How do auctions affect vendor discounts? [32:40]


About Hilary Saxton:

Hilary Saxton is a performance and mindset strategist who motivates, trains, and coaches people who crave knowledge and success in their property and business life. Hilary has had a varied career in property and business spanning at around more than 25 years now. She takes an honest, upfront approach towards both people and process issues. Hilary provides solutions through incremental and transformational change that delivers the success her clients both want and need.



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It has been a pleasure! Looking forward to seeing you in the future episodes!

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