Property Development Workshop


20 – 22 July
9 – 11 November


16 – 18 November


23 – 25 November

Price $2,995.00
(Add 995.00 with a life partner)
Here’s what we’ll cover:
3 full days training with Bob Andersen

Learn our A-Z property development system

How to perform due diligence on sites quickly and effectively

How to establish your development team and obtain the right approvals

How to manage construction, even without having a background in the industry

How to arrange titles and settlements without delay

How to perform projects with little or no money of your own

Update on the latest construction and property market data

Network with like-minded people

Opportunity to ask Bob all your property development questions

Property Mastermind’s property development workshops will take you to a new level of learning. There is nothing like participating in a live event. You can network with people with same interests and you can engage in meaningful conversations with property developers themselves.

If you are serious in being successful in developing properties, you are invited to join us and other fellow new-generation property developers at one of our exciting three-day live workshop training events.

Workshop Benefits

Provided that you turn up, tune in, and participate, you can’t help but learn and make progress. In the course of three days, you will learn Bob’s step-by-step methods and his tried and tested Property Development Blueprint. Real-life examples will be provided on each important section.

What are the benefits of attending one of our property development workshops? Well, there is really nothing like a live training for fast learning and progress towards your goal of making big money. In three days, you will spend your time with Bob himself and other enthusiastic, like-minded people. With workshops, you immerse yourself in the subject of making money through property development and you get to meet like-minded individuals who will support you in your journey. You can learn from each other’s experiences and you can share ideas with them. You can ask questions and they are answered and explained on the spot. Property development workshops are for those who are serious about learning the ins and out of property development.

Together, you will go through several examples of real-life developments so you can see for yourself how everything fits together in a successful project. At the conclusion of the 3-day property development workshop, you will have all the knowledge, insights, and tools needed to be a successful property developer.

“There’s nothing quite like a ‘live’ property development workshop to get the blood pumping. I’ve educated thousands of aspiring property developers over the years, and I still get a kick out of it. Come and join me at our 2018 events to learn the latest property developer secrets .”

Bob Andersen