Property Development Case Study

Follow each step of our journey from finding the old run-down house to creating a stunning townhouses complex that generated over $330k net profit.

In this case study we reveal details of each step of the process including how we found the site, performed due diligence, purchased the site, obtained the approvals, secured the finance, tendered and managed construction, marketed the townhouses and arranged titles.

Price $49.00
Here’s what you get:
Full Property Development Case Study

Includes 29 pages of text, photos and plans for a 4 bedroom townhouse development project.


Case study includes all the detail you need around how to find and acquire your property development site.

Financial Feasibility

Case study includes an example of basic financial feasibility used for the property development project.


The Property Development Case Study includes detail on the approvals process used.


The case study document also includes detail on the finance process and structure used to fund the property development.


Learn how the builder and construction was implemented by the developer.

Marketing & Settlement

Discover how the case study development project was successfully marketed and sales were completed.