Financial Feasibility Calculator

If you need help doing financial feasibilities then our Financial Feasibility Calculator is for you.

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Here’s what you get:
Financial Feasibility Calculator

Includes our custom built calculator that’s been designed for beginners and professionals alike. It’s easy to use yet provides all of the outputs you need to thoroughly assess any potential project and make sure you never pay too much for a site.

Professional Outputs

Includes all of the outputs to impress your bank or valuer including monthly cash flows, Gantt charts, sensitivity analysis and more.

Demonstration Video

Includes a step-by-step demonstration of a feasibility to follow when performing your own so you won’t miss a thing.

Crunching the numbers is arguably the most important step of any project and with our custom built Microsoft Excel calculator you’ll be equipped to get the numbers right first time every time.

We all know your money is made when buying property and with our Financial Feasibility Calculator you’ll have everything you need to ensure you never pay too much for a site.

“The value you will get from the Financial Feasibility Calculator never expires and you will only get better and better each time you use it. Once you are comfortable with the calculator you’ll be able to quickly and easily assess the profitability of a project to ensure you only invest your time on sites that are worth your while.”