Play To Your Strengths

Play To Your Strengths

To attain maximum results in any field of endeavor you need to play to your strengths. That’s an obvious statement and not one likely to get much pushback. 

We hear about it in business and we see it in sport. You don’t see many 1.5m basketball players and even less 130kg ballerinas. But the 1.5m non-basketball player might be a brilliant gymnast and the 130kg non-ballerina might be a great powerlifter. They’re just playing to their strengths.

It’s a fallacy to think that to be successful you have to rate 10 out of 10 on everything. Fortunately, that is not the case, and if you think it is, then you’re going to put a huge amount of unnecessary pressure on yourself. 

What I’ve found is that persistence, determination and a willingness to learn and be adaptable are the traits that will make you a success. 

That’s not to say you should ignore your weaknesses. We should always strive to continually create a better version of ourselves. Knowing your personality type and traits can go a long way towards understanding why you do what you do and that in turn can help you make adjustments. 

Some traits I’ve seen over the years that could underpin your property success include:

Communication: You need to be able to communicate your wishes and instructions to your support team – agents, lawyers, financiers etc.

Decisiveness: Property is not kind to procrastinators. You need to be able to make decisions fast and with confidence. Hesitate, and someone will steal your deal. 

Organised: There are a lot of hats to wear as a property player and many of them you wear at the same time. You might be talking to agents about sales, arranging finance, discussing building contracts with a builder all at the same time. 

Proactive: You must always be ahead of the game, trolling for what is coming up and dealing with matters as early as possible. Being reactive is the opposite where you wait for something, often a problem, to happen then try and deal with it. 

Team Player: Property is a team sport. And our team is the key to our success. Even in a small project like a one into lot subdivision, we will be engaging with a team of thirteen. That’s a Rugby League team and you are the captain/coach. 

That a big responsibility to the team but particularly to you. So know your strengths, work on your weaknesses and get the best team around you that you can afford and you should be fine. 

PS: It’s all a waste of time effort and money if you don’t get the best property education you can afford. Thought I’d keep that for last.

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