Opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming..

Opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming..

“Opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson

About Your Success:
Your life’s success will come down to noticing the right opportunities, arranging resources to acquire them and going after them like there is no tomorrow.

The Bonus:
With today’s world being immensely networked, it is far easier to be exposed to opportunities to get what you want than ever before. Gone are the days of hall-porters and gatekeeping receptionists who would serve like a royal guard and block interruptions to their master. These days the average Joe or Joanne Bloggs is able to take advantage of many opportunities that 15 or so years ago were considered only available to the more fortunate – or I should say the more financially fortunate.

The Example:
A great example of this is Property Developing, once considered an occupation for big companies and now to many of us. My Property Coaching clients include singles, couples, under 30’s to over 60’s and everything in-between, male and female. Bob refers to them United Nations meets an Eagles concert.

The Problem:
We are continuously exposed to opportunities but due to the daily sea of noise we are bombarded with, they are missed as our attention is being taken by ‘THE NOISE’. Perhaps this email will sit in your inbox unopened, waiting until you have time as you are online shopping – (Heck, BLACK FRIDAY is looming.)

A Good Read:
There are remedies for what we could call ‘Opportunity Lost Syndrome’. I’m currently reading “Peak Mind” by Dr Amish P. Jha which covers the latest neuroscience research on attention and focus and offers techniques to improve them both.


In summary:

Opportunities need action and action requires decision. Time wasted on thinking about decisions adds to the NOISE that blocks your ability to notice opportunities. So the best thing you can do is decide NOW if you’d like any of these 3 and take action either way.



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