My Theme Song

My Theme Song

Hilary here….

Something you don’t know about me is my huge background in health and fitness. Hence the reason there’s always a wee sprinkling through the podcasts and coaching tips I produce. If you think about it, there is no use for wealth if you don’t have your health. Anyway, that not where I was heading with this.

Do you remember the Queen song, I want it all? Bob would concur, it is my theme song. Mostly because the words that come after that line are ‘and I want it now’. It’s no secret my personality profile is a high ‘D’ and I refer to my style as a captain. I’m driven, determined and on a mission at pace no matter what the occasion and one of my least favourable traits is impatience.

Meanwhile Bob cruises at what I call ’Mitre 10 Speed’, and if you’re unsure of what that is, head to your local Mitre 10 store and you will notice the change in pace the minute you walk through the door, it’s incredibly close to slow motion and sometimes annoying. Bobs style is a counsellor, he’s all about the people and cares about community hence the reason he loves to build big community things like retirement villages and loves educating people. Oh, and by the way he too is not perfect, one of his less favourable traits is to be stubborn (I feel better now I’ve evened it up).

Don’t get me wrong I love people, I’m simply more about the process and watching how they behave. Anyway I’ve digressed again, but where I was heading with this was that it doesn’t really matter what your personality is if you want to be involved in property development as an Active or Armchair Developer (Download the Armchair Developer ebook here) you can because it takes all types. Within our mentoring program I am currently working with a pretty equal spread of the four main traits and an equal mix of men and women. So whether your theme song is ‘I’m walking on Sunshine’, ‘Hey Jude’, ‘Thunder’ or ‘Silent Night’ – stop thinking about it and from the words that Nike have coined “Just Do it”.

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