Is it fear that holds you back?

Fear on a males face

Is it fear that holds you back?

Lets Talk Fears

Let’s talk Fear… No I don’t want to, I don’t mind admitting I have fears but I don’t like dealing with them. It’s far easier to just know them, admit to them, and do nothing. That’s where I’m comfortable.

Problem with that is, you will never achieve anything worthwhile until you conquer your fear. From asking that girl on a date, to quitting your job and going it alone, there will always be fear. You just have to get rid of it. Fear will slow you down and hold you back and if left unchallenged you will be left watching  the brave charge ahead.

So what is the problem?

A big problem that people have with their fears is that they allow them to exist. They make their fears feel acceptable because they admit to knowing about them but do nothing to get rid of them. Think about it, what are you afraid of doing? What is the fear that is stopping you?

Where could you be right now, on your property journey if you had acted instead of hesitated due to fear?

Until you rid yourself of that fear, you will stay where you are.  By doing this your fear is dictating how your life goes, you have given it priority over everything in your life. Your fears are like bad tenants and you are allowing them to live in your property, damaging it, rent free!


You need to learn to reject your fears. You need to give them notice and get rid of them. Go rent and wreck somebody else’s property, you are no longer welcome here.

Once you do this…it’s like having a plane ticket to anywhere – you’re off and the world is your oyster!

You are stronger than you think and each time you conquer a fear, it gets easier.

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