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The Armchair Developer Strategy

Did you know when it comes to making money from Property Development you don’t even have to be an active developer? You can enter via the back door as an investor by investing in someone else’s development. This is referred to as being an ‘Armchair Developer’. This can suit people who have access to capital but who don’t wish to become a property developer or who are just too time-poor or too tied up in their career or business to make it happen.

There are different ways an Armchair Developer can invest in a project. One of the most common is as a Loan Partner.

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Understanding a Loan Partner

A Loan Partner supplies the required equity, usually by way of cash in the form of a loan to the developer. They are not on title and not on the loan of the project financier. They take no financial risk in the project. Their reward is by way of an interest rate on the funds loaned.

The attainment of true wealth requires the establishment of passive income streams by making your money work for you. Your money to become a loan partner could come from savings, accessing equity in a property usually via a line of credit or accessing funds from a SMSF (Self Managed Superannuation Fund). 

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