Interview with Commercial Property Developer/Investor Coralie Hurley from Commercial Passion | #006

Interview with Commercial Property Developer/Investor Coralie Hurley from Commercial Passion | #006

Investing time and money into something you are passionate about will help you achieve things you can only ever dream about.

Today’s guest, Coralie Hurley — founder of Commercial Passion, recounts how she got into her property journey and achieved her goals through it.

Bringing her onto the podcast so she could inspire other people has certainly served its purpose as Coralie shares how she has been able to create a lifestyle for herself through the world of property beginning with a caravan.

Listen to this episode and be inspired to start your own journey in the world of property development.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. How Hilary and Coralie got to know each other [0:41]
  3. Coralie shares how attending courses have helped her to progress in her property journey [2:30]
  4. The challenges that Coralie encountered in her current project and how she turned things around [11:08]
  5. Dealing gracefully with unexpected situations [14:05]
  6. Learning and understanding helped Coralie handle the fears of getting into commercial deals [16:38]
  7. Coralie shares some important lessons for people getting into commercial property [18:27]
  8. Coralie’s strategy to ensure a good cash flow is uninterrupted [21:01]
  9. Coralie shares how much hiring property managers has helped her [23:05]
  10. How much time does Coralie spend on her property journey each week? [24:31]
  11. Is it a good idea to get involved in property early on? [26:39]
  12. Coralie shares some words of wisdom for her 18 year old self [30:15]
  13. Find a mentor who will guide you and help you grow in your property journey [32:20]

About Coralie Hurley:

Coralie Hurley is a commercial property investor and developer and the founding director of Commercial Passion — a company that provides its clients with a clear list of what they’re investing in next. In 2003, Coralie set a goal about achieving and living a balanced work & personal lifestyle and property investing served as her vehicle in achieving that goal.


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It has been a pleasure! And we look forward to seeing you in the future episodes!

  • Kaz povey
    Posted at 10:56h, 18 July Reply

    I love this interview Hilary Coralie is very inspirational and a real go getter!!! Hmmm is this me ahaha you want it you do whatever takes to get it it is mindset 100% thoughts into action!!!

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