I used to be a smoker…

I used to be a smoker…

Bob here,

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It was the 25th of October, I remember the day as clear as mud as it was the day before my 13th birthday, and it was the day I received a well-deserved clip behind the ears from my mother due to being led astray yet again by the mischievous Danny O’Neill.

It was test time of year and back then our end-of-year tests mattered as the results we received would determine which class we got into the following year. Needless to say, everybody wanted to be in the ‘A’ class.

Danny had dropped by to collect me on his way to school and mentioned he had a great idea. Me being the young gullible I was back then hadn’t quite realised that when Danny O’Neill had a great idea, I ultimately ended up in trouble. This day turned out to be no different.

Danny had conjured up what he considered to be a ripper of an idea beginnin with school test day not being for him or me for that matter. Instead, he decided that the both of us should instead skip school and head down to the local jetty.

Danny’s next idea was that we both take up smoking. So, there we were, me and that mischievous Danny, amongst the bushes sharing Camel cigarettes he’d pinched from his mother’s handbag. Needless to say, after a coughing fit, I realised smoking wasn’t for me. Not Danny though, he stuck at it and in between coughing bursts he’d have another go.

By the end of the day Danny was rather proud of himself, he could now add smoking to his list of accomplishments and apparently as he kept reminding me, I had failed.

For me the arrival home was on par with the smoking. The school had phoned my mother to see where I was, which meant I was in big trouble and came served up with a clip around the ears and no pudding for a week. Ouch!

The moral of this story is:

When you are on a path to success there will always be derailers. It took years of Danny O’Neill antics for me to realise that he was in fact ‘Danny the Derailer’. When you are on a journey to achieve great things, you will always be challenged and tested. The people who achieve success in life have a goal set, a plan to follow, and stay focused and committed to it.

When it comes to Property Development it is no different.

1. Set a goal.
2. Create a plan.
3. Stay focused.


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