How to get ready for 2022 – tip: start now!

How to get ready for 2022 – tip: start now!

The new year is steadily approaching and so too are those new year’s resolutions that are always written with great anticipation. Yet much like the line “I’ll start on Monday”, we all know how most of those resolutions end up…  So, let’s not wait until 2022 to start fresh. Here is your invitation to reset now.
To reset means to set again or to set differently. Meaning, to shift into something different we must honestly reflect on where we currently stand. So, before the silly season begins, take some time to reflect:

– With 2021 nearly over, where are you on your property journey goals? Are there any gaps in knowledge that still need filling?

– What are your big and small wins? Where can you celebrate the progress that you have made?

– What habits have been working for you? What habits are you ready to shift?


Now with this insight, we can start to create or refine our plans.


Choosing to reset is just a mental state – a way of thinking. A shift does not need to involve a sequence of events, it can, but it’s not a prerequisite. Resetting involves focusing your mindset and habits into the direction of your goals.


What mindset are you choosing?

– The mindset of consistently taking one baby step at a time towards your goals.


– The mindset of “I’ll wait and start in the new year”


The choice is yours and you don’t need a new year to choose to hit the reset button now
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