How focus will get you there…👀

How focus will get you there…👀

Maintaining focus would have to be one of the most under-rated strengths in achieving success. It’s almost boring and non-hip to mention it. But every successful athlete and businessperson I know knows how to hold it and re-focus when it wanes.

So what is it? Simply, it is the ability to pay attention and concentrate on the things that will help us achieve our goals and at the same time avoid those things that would distract us from achieving those goals.

I see it more often than I would like in the property arena. The excitement of engaging in a new strategy is exciting. From buying your first property, doing your first renovation, or getting involved in your first development project. Energy and expectations are high, but for how long?

For some, if the opportunity doesn’t manifest quickly, their enthusiasm and with it their focus wanes quickly. Unable to maintain focus long enough to achieve results, they’re off again, attracted by the next ‘shiny object’.
For others, it’s the daily grind that gets in the way and steals the focus. Your job, family, kids – all-important, and in some ways they can be a reason for maintaining focus requiring only a small mindset shift.

Frustrated by their lack of fast success they begin to scramble. Scrambling involves listening to well-meaning but ignorant friends and relatives, succumbing to the words of dream stealers and darting in all directions at once.

If you relate to this you obviously need to focus better. Start by decluttering your mind. Write down the tasks you need to achieve and prioritize them in order of importance. Work through them methodically. If you’re struggling to concentrate, give yourself a five-minute break every thirty minutes, and leave the room.

Create a tidy workspace. Have sufficient storage and put items away when you have finished. Seeing organisation and a lack of clutter is good for your mind and helpful to maintain focus.

Property is a ‘long game’. There are big profits to be made if done correctly – particularly in property development. It can take time to find a deal, get networks established and complete a project.

Don’t be distracted and change lanes. Reassess why you wanted this path in the first place. Your ‘why’ can become the engine and your focus the road.

What I’m saying, is to stay true to your desires.

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