Happy Maewyn Succat’s day

Happy Maewyn Succat’s day

Happy Maewyn Succat’s day. You remember him, the son of Calpurnius and Conchessa. “WTH. It’s St Patrick’s day Bob, you idiot”, I can hear you lambasting me, “You know, the day we wear green and drink green beer or Guinness by the pint”.

You’re right. I can see why he or someone changed his name to Patrick. And he wasn’t even born in Ireland. And there were never any snakes in Ireland to chase.

I just got off the phone from two of my mates – Paul Murphy and the notorious Daniel O’Neill (you’ve seen me write about him before). He’s the original ‘notorious”, way before Conor McGregor. They’re in separate Irish pubs in Brisbane celebrating while I’m in the office writing this article.

I could have joined the lads, but I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment, although the thought a Guinness beef pie and something dark to wash it down is highly tempting. Umm… maybe something important will happen this afternoon that requires me to be alert and at my desk.

I say this because it was a lot of St Patrick’s Days ago at the beginning of my property journey that I was selling real estate on the Gold Coast in the hope of getting a leg up into property development.

I was lean and mean and hungry (bordering on desperation). The boys, including the principal and sales manager, headed up to the local pub around 2pm, calling it quits for the day. I decided to stay put and keep the office open. I did cop some flak with comments of “you’re a piker” and “you’re no fun”, but I stood my ground. You can’t rock a desperate man.

Then my tenacity paid off. At 2:30 a visitor, up from Sydney, entered the office. In short, I ended up selling him the most expensive house on the books and the deal was signed and sealed by 4pm. By 4:10 pm I joined the lads at the local. I’d made the present-day commission equivalent of 4,000 Guinness’s. My generosity overpowered me, and I bought the four lads a Guinness each.

Successful people do what average people aren’t prepared to do. That 30 minutes between the lads going to the pub and the buyer arriving was a tough time. I was so tempted to toss it in and go to the pub. I was determined to hold out until 5pm.

So here I am in my office finalising this article. It’s 1:45pm. Paul and Dan are out having a great time. I wonder what will happen between now and 5:00pm.

Happy Maewyn Succat Day.




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