Habits, it’s the small things repeated that count for a property developer

Thinking about your habits.

Habits, it’s the small things repeated that count for a property developer

Habits, it’s the small things repeated, that count.

We are what we repeatedly do ~ Aristotle

Excellence is not an act but a habit. By repeating small actions over and over they become a habit. They become normal, that thing you do with ease and eventually they become that action you take without even thinking. It is then, you have mastered the art of personal effectiveness. To become a successful property developer, great habits will be the cornerstone of your business.

Personal Effectiveness from Habits

Personal effectiveness is a chosen path. A path where you choose to take on habits that result in you being effective, productive and having achieved something worthwhile. You choose to perform in a certain way and implement activities, behaviours and strategies to ensure your personal effectiveness remains constant. Personal effectiveness is your chosen  level of performance. As a property developer, the effectiveness of the habits you choose to implement will determine your level of performance and ultimately your results.

Improving Performance

Improving performance once or twice will not give long lasting life changing results. It may give the odd short-term success but eventually results will fade and things will go back to normal. Normal in this case is that place you don’t want to be, that place which houses the the results you don’t like, that place where you are left wanting and wishing for more.

It’s like wanting to lose weight and deciding to eat healthier. You begin your day with an omelet for breakfast but then carry on in the way you used to and still eat the bad food you normally would. The omelet for breakfast was a good start but by going back to old habits, nothing much will change and there will be extremely limited or no great results.

Is it time you implemented new habits? Are you on a Property Development path that is gaining momentum? If not, what do you need to change?

Hilary Saxton
Performance Coach
Property Mastermind
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