Feasibility Calculator

This is the ONE TOOL any budding or pro property developer must have in their arsenal. Without it you are going to stumble along, make mistakes, waste a lot of time and even worse, end up buying a lemon.

What tool am I talking about? You guessed it! A number cruncher. Or as we call it in the development world – A Feasibility Calculator.

In my 38 years as a property developer I have seen many disasters and without a doubt the biggest cause is getting the numbers wrong at the beginning. And the sad part is – it is avoidable.

Introducing the Property Mastermind Feasibility Calculator to the rescue


Tell me:

  • Are you struggling trying to do manual feasibilities on a sheet of paper?
  • Are you not sure what to include and how much to allocate?

Are you scared of getting it wrong? That’s OK, I get it. The good news is I’ve solved your problem. With the Property Mastermind Feasibility Calculator you’ll be able to:

  • Look like a pro in front of your peers, valuers and financiers.
  • Cover all the in’s and out’s and come up with the right answer fast.
  • Stop missing out on good deals because you’re too slow and lack confidence.
  • Never pay too much for a site.

Excited? You should be. This is what this ‘life saver’ must have tool can do for you:

Now you can see while I call the Property Mastermind Feasibility Calculator the ‘must have’ tool for budding to pro developers. You can spend $3,000 + on feasibility programs. Save your money – this is all you’ll ever need and it can be yours for just $297. Why so cheap? Anyone who knows me knows that I support rookie property developers in their quest for knowledge. That’s why I created Property Mastermind all those years ago and that’s why I’m making my calculator available to you for such a low investment.

PS. I nearly forgot. The calculator is easy to use, but to make it even easier I’ve included a sample feasibility plus a full video tutorial on how to use the Property Mastermind Feasibility Calculator. All for just $297