Danny The Risk Taker

Danny The Risk Taker

If you’ve been following the antics of young Danny O’Neill and myself, you’d know that it was due to my hasty decision-making skills that I narrowly escaped the yearlong hefty lawnmowing punishment sentenced by old Mrs. Bateman over the strawberry stealing incident.

A few weeks later Danny and I were off for a Saturday morning fishing session down at the local river. There we were 2 young freckle-faced lads with a couple of old rods, a bucket, and worms. We thought we were cool, Danny had a pocket full of freshly cooked Anzac biscuits that he’d stealthily nicked off his kitchen bench, and today we were fisherman.

Danny was cooler than me as you might have guessed but with Danny came trouble. He couldn’t help himself when it came to being sneaky. He thought rules were merely a guideline, offering a warning for more timid folk and not something he should adhere too.  That meant if he was told not to touch the element because it was hot, Danny would touch it to check.

Anyway, we arrived at the river, and a sign clearly stated ‘DANGER!! DO NOT FISH OFF THE ROCKS’. Danny’s response as you might have guessed was, “Hey Bobby, let’s go down and fish off the rocks”. Me being less of a risk-taker and frightfully scared of my mother’s wooden spoon pointed to the sign “Nah Dan, mum will kill me if she finds out”.  Danny’s reply was immediate, “Jeez Bob, who’s gonna tell her”.

I stayed put and threw my line in from the riverbank, but Danny decided to scale down the cliff to the rocks for what he considered to be the ‘best spot’. My haul was 2 nice flatheads and an edible bream. Feeling quite happy with my haul I suggested to Danny we head home for lunch. Danny too had caught a similar amount and began to scamper up the cliff. Danny was balancing a rod and bucket with his 3 fish and getting back up was more challenging than he had thought. I took off my jumper and flung it over the edge for Danny to use as a rope, all the while know mum was going to kill me for stretching it out of shape.

With the ascent being more complicated than Danny calculated and Danny not being built for climbing, he slipped and let go of his bucket. That day there were 3 very happy fish that narrowly escaped Mrs. O’Neill’s fry pan.

You might be wondering how this relates to Property Development. Well, the morale of this story is that Danny took more risks than I did and ended up with nothing. Danny took risks to be defiant which is more of an ego-based strategy and can leave you exposed. Calculated risks are a far better option, ideally with a back door as an escape route and based on logic and not emotion.

– Stay tuned for more of Danny and Bob’s antics.

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