Be Careful About Making Excuses..They Can Come Back & Bite You

Do you find yourself making excuses?

Be Careful About Making Excuses..They Can Come Back & Bite You

Be careful about making excuses.

Excuses seem to be a default mechanism for coming up with a reason for not doing something or worse, for failing. That’s my layman’s take on it anyway.

Have you noticed what a two-edged sword they can be? We don’t do something or fail at it and someone else succeeds. Maybe their ‘excuse’ wasn’t as good as ours and they had nowhere to go but to succeed.

How many times in recent years have you seen the perpetrator of a wrong-doing crying foul because they declare it is they who are the victim. Bad parents, socially disadvantaged…don’t get me started!

I love people with a no bullshit, no excuse attitude. They just get things done. I also love to hear stories about people who have come from a disadvantaged situation and rather than make excuses just get on constructing their dream.

One such person was John Key, former Prime Minister of New Zealand. He was the son of an English father and Jewish mother who fled Austria to escape the Nazis, eventually settling in Auckland.

When only six years old, Key lost his father to a heart attack and he, his sister, and mother moved to Christchurch where they set up a house in a state rental house. To repay accumulated debts and to survive, his mother worked as a night porter and cleaner.

Not wanting a life like his parents, he excelled at school and graduated with a degree in commerce in 1983. The following period of his life saw him working in trading and foreign exchange roles in big hitters like Merrill Lynch.

In 1999 he joined the foreign-exchange committee of the Federal Bank of New York during which time he took management studies courses at Harvard.

Key returned to NZ in 2001 and stood for and was elected to Parliament. In late 2008, as the GFC was gaining momentum, he was elected Prime Minister of New Zealand. He steered NZ through tough times including the GFC and the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010-11.

He was elected for a second term as Prime Minister in 2011 and for a third term in 2014. In November 2016 he decided to hang up his gloves. Although a wealthy man he refused to accept a salary while Prime Minister. In 2018 Key became chairman of ANZ Bank New Zealand Ltd.

How many excuses do you think John Key could have come up with if he had come up short? Poor refugee parents, father died when he was six, so he had no male role model, the family was poor, his mother worked day and night.

Like most, I sometimes fall into the ‘excuse trap’. The ‘not enough time’ excuse is running thin during this time of ‘incarceration’. I have my admin up to date and I’ve even prepared a course bundling together a range of growth strategies for enhanced equity and cashflow. Thank you Covid 19.

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