Are you worried about where the market is heading? (Click Here For An Investing Opportunity)..

Are you worried about where the market is heading? (Click Here For An Investing Opportunity)..

How are you faring? Well, I hope, but these sure are interesting times. Pandemic, property boom and now we’re seeing the ASX down 11% on this time last year and property values flattening or receding in the wake of rising interest rates and inflation.

Maybe you’re bullish and it’s full steam ahead for you. If so, I wish you well. Or maybe you’d prefer to park your money somewhere safe and let the market do whatever it’s going to do. If that is you, I have some good news.

Come and join me in my current inflation proof, interest rate proof project – making money from your investment and getting educated about the project at the same time. We call it earn and learn (for Tranche 1 investors, your next education evening will be on July 14).

Some of you will be aware of this project – a retirement village on a Greg Norman designed golf course. I’m considered an expert in this field, having been involved in the development of over a dozen villages in the last 30 years. This product is not at the whim of the normal real estate market drivers. It is driven by demographics – people keep getting older and there is a constant undersupply of product.

This project is powering ahead – we bought the site, obtained the development approval, obtained the construction certificate, have commenced civil works and the marketing team have a bunch of deposits. Having de-risked it, it is now time to push on with Stage 1 construction and house construction. To do that we are raising Tranche 2 of the capital raising.

Earlier investors in Tranche 1 have been happily receiving returns on their investment along the way and several have topped up their investment in Tranche 2. So, who should invest? Well, you should if you:

·     Have cash on deposit and are sick and tired of the paltry returns
·     Have a line of credit and want to make a lazy margin from the interest rate gap
·     Have funds in a SMSF crying out for better returns
·     Want a healthy, safe, quarterly return and get educated at the same time

Investing in property developments is nothing new, and it has been a solid strategy for many investors looking for superior returns for their cash, line of credit or SMSF, but you need to do it right and go with a proven performer with a long track record of success.

A quick summary of the investment is:
·     Investors receive redeemable preference shares for their investment
·     Fully compliant with ASIC and overseen by licensed intermediaries
·     Minimum investment is $100,000, then in lots of $50,000
·     Security is registered first mortgage (rarely available, no dodgy seconds here)
·     Dividends are paid quarterly as 9% pa interest
·     Term is two years

What makes this unique and well worth your investment is:

·     The developer (me) has 40 years’ experience
·     I have a seven-figure amount of my own capital in the project
·     Fully compliant under ASIC and the Corporations Act
·     Top shelf security – registered first mortgage
·     Above average returns for first mortgage investments
·     It is not a JV, so no project risk
·     The project is well advanced, not just starting up

If the thought of partnering with me on this project resonates with you and you would like more information including the Information Memorandum, please:

*  Call 1300 729 550 or
*  Click the following link to make contact by email – Here for more information.

PS. Click here for Bob’s summary video of the investment.




Bob and Hilary
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