Bob Andersen

Managing Director

Bob Andersen (known in the property industry as “The Deal Maker”) is a Property enigma.

When it comes to creating financial freedom for his followers, his “thinking” is refreshingly simple. He has the ability to make the seemingly complicated, uncomplicated. 

Bob has changed the lives of so many people by training them to use property development as a vehicle to build substantial cashflow and long term wealth. This in turn, has given them control over their lives and a lifestyle they could previously only dream about.

It has been said that Bob has created more property millionaires in Australia than any other educator / mentee out there through his highly acclaimed property development courses.   

Thank goodness for Bob! Because there are way too many so-called Property education experts out there. Several, even past students, have ‘borrowed’ Bob’s material in an attempt to ‘be Bob’. As Bob says, “I must have done something right, but you can’t ‘borrow’ over 30 years of experience and over $1 billion worth of projects spread across all states of Australia and in all stages of the property cycle”.

Throughout his career, Bob has been involved in over $1 billion worth of property development projects that include commercial buildings, apartments, high-rise buildings, retirement complexes, land sub-divisions, townhouses, and student accommodation.

Bob Andersen is the author of the book “Residential Real Estate Development: A Practical Guide for Beginners to Experts” and appears in other books Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed and The New Way to Make Money in Property – Fast. He has also been a regular contributor to different publications such as Your Property Investment Magazine, the Australian Property Investor Magazine, Money Magazine, and Success Magazine.  He has also appeared on media interviews to talk about his experience as a property developer on Sky News, Fox News, 4BC Radio and ABC Radio.

Hilary Saxton

Mindset and Performance Coach

Hilary Saxton is an experienced Mindset and Performance Coach with a specialty in Property. Hilary changes lives by changing attitudes, habits and increasing confidence. Hilary has a passion for understanding and harnessing the power of your brain to improve productivity, performance, and empowerment to maximise potential. Her ability to break things down for people to take necessary steps is her area of expertise.

She has personally launched six businesses, and amongst her list of accomplishments has a diploma in HR and marketing, is a certified Life and Business Coach, Disc Practitioner, Teacher, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Pilates Teacher and Teacher Trainer. Her coaching hours are well into thousands.

Hilary is a property developer in her own right having done over twenty projects, predominantly in New Zealand and more recently in Australia. At the time of writing, she is involved in four projects in four states.

Her experience in business start-ups combined in her continued education gives Hilary an edge over the continually growing ocean of inexperienced and untrained ‘Coaches’ who are currently muddying the water. She delivers results and knows how to motivate clients to act and achieve. Hilary began her property journey at 18 and has since been involved in well over 20 projects. She began with her first with a push from her parents and within a few years grew the confidence to jump in and out of deals by herself all the while building further equity and cashflow.

She changes lives by showing people how to believe in themselves and with that change giving them the courage to take small and effective steps to their chosen goal. Hilary’s ability to connect, teach and empower, combined with Bob’s years of property development experience and superior education programs enhances the success of the students they work with. Property Mastermind is driven by a Power Couple who have your best interests and success at heart.